Milo Cookies Exist & They’re Available At Selected Fairprice Outlets

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Milo — a perennial favourite among Singaporeans.

From the steaming cup of Milo before heading to school at the break of dawn to the Milo Dinosaur tower at Chomp Chomp, there is always time for the sugary boost of drink.

But sometimes Milo isn’t enough to simply drink. Sometimes, we crave snacks and Milo at the same time.

Nestle can clearly read our thoughts because they’ve started churning out Milo flavoured snacks.

There are the blatantly common ones like the godsend Milo ice cream, and the relatively healthy Milo cereal that actually tastes like Koko Krunch. But have we tried the legit gems — Milo energy cubes?


My point is, Nestle’s creations just keep getting better and better.

The Latest Milo Creation

Their most recent creation that reached Singapore is definitely not the most original, but it is also as definitely handy as a snack.

How unoriginal? Think Oreo level unoriginal.


Following in Kong Guan’s footsteps, Nestle has created another Oreo lookalike, except that it tastes like Milo.

Source: We Heart It

Not that I’m complaining.

It doesn’t matter that some of us has long jumped onto the bandwagon and purchased bulks of them from Malaysia; all that matters that it is finally here in Singapore.

For those who don’t have the slightest idea what it is, you are clearly not a hardcore fan of Milo. We all should be.

Source: Tenor

See, even Lee Kwang Soo is crazy over Milo.

In Comes Milo Cookies

While each packet of Oreo has only three love-filled sandwich cookies, each Milo packet blessedly has four. It comes along with the signature green Milo packaging that will make you forget that it was ever Oreo’s child.

Source: Instagram

But in essence, this child takes after Oreo through and through — you can even ‘twist and dunk’ it, or separate the Milo flavoured cream from the cookies.

These bite-sized pieces not only ooze with childhood memories but cuteness too.

Source: Instagram

Look at the beloved Pusheens surrounding the cookies — it’s the perfect food for a children’s tea party. Rather, it is simply the perfect snack.

That being said, the price is probably a tad heftier than if we got it in Malaysia.

Source: Tenor


Compared to the nine packets of Oreo which sells at $1.95, the 12 packets of Milo is retailed at $5.50 at Fairprice. We are probably praying fervently for a discount; sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is one of the things with no promotion whatsoever.

For those ardently in love with Milo enough to buy it now instead of praying the price gets discounted someday, there’s another obstacle.

As of now, these Milo cookies are only available at selected Fairprice outlets. While they have been spotted at Junction 8’s Fairprice store, the other locations remain a mystery. Your best bet will most likely be the biggest Fairprice outlets there are.

Although they’re probably selling like hotcakes, given how Fairprice online store ran out.


But don’t worry if you can’t get any on FairPrice. They’re also selling on Shopee, Qoo10 and Redmart right now.

For those fighting to get the first grab of these highly coveted sandwich cookies, good luck! Meanwhile, I’ll probably lay in hiding and pounce once there’s a promotion — or wait for someone to offer it to me for free.


Or maybe we should all just drive to Malaysia to empty their shelves of Milo cookies — that’s what the Combi cards are probably for, anyway.

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