Missing 22YO Found in Little Guilin & Could’ve Been There for 3 Full Days

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A 22-year-old woman who went missing for three days has been found at Bukit Batok’s Little Guilin.

Image: Facebook

Lost Contact

Cai Yen Ling reportedly lost contact with her mother Madam Cai, a 47-year-old self-employed individual, last Thursday (3 Sept).

Madam Cai said that her daughter sent a Whatsapp text saying that she was on the way home.

After her daughter did not return home or respond to any further texts or calls, Madam Cai worried that something happened to her daughter and filed a police report.

It was previously reported that when Madam Cai called the phone, a man answered and said that he found her daughter’s phone in a car.

Before hanging up and switching the phone off, he said that he would hand the phone over to the police.

Madam Cai also tried contacting her daughter’s friends but they had no idea where she could’ve gon.

On 6 Sep 2020 at 10pm, Madam Cai received a call from the National University Hospital (NUH) and was told that her daughter has finally been found.

Found Unconscious In Little Guilin

According to Lianhe Zaobao, a member of the public discovered her daughter lying unconscious at Little Guilin.

Her body was covered with leaves leaving only her feet exposed. Her face was also swollen and she has abrasions on her hands and feet.

She was very weak when found, and was immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Madam Cai waited in the hospital and could only see her daughter at 3am.

She described her daughter’s face as swollen and having many scratches across her body.

It is reported that the girl has not woken up yet.

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Madam Cai suspects that her daughter had been in Little Guilin for the past three days as that was the last place Yen Ling was seen at.

Madam Cai says that she will ask her daughter what happened when she regains consciousness.

She questions if her daughter got caught up with a “bad person” or fell due to a slippery road.

Rarely goes to Little Guilin

According to Madam Cai, Little Guilin is approximately 20 minutes from their home and that her daughter seldom goes there.

Madam Cai wondered if her daughter had to meet up with someone there or was taken to Little Guilin.

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On the night that her daughter went missing, she and her father accompanied Madam Cai to a clinic as she was feeling unwell.

Then, she had told her father that she wanted to take a walk before returning home by herself.


Cai was scheduled for a CAT scan on 7 Sept.

Madam Cai can only wait and pray that her daughter wakes up safely.

The Danger Of Little Guilin

Although scenic and beautiful, the disused granite quarry can be a very dangerous place.

Back in the year 2000, a woman was “brutally raped” when she was jogging through the park.

She was found in a 10-metre deep ravine and died a week after the attack.


Six days before the tragic incident in 2000, another woman was jogging in the park when she was dragged into the bushes.

She managed to escape after biting her attacker’s arms.

Nonetheless, residents in the area continued living their lives as per normal according to this 2011 article.

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