Mistress of Man Killed by Father-in-Law Claimed Man Had an Unhappy Marriage


Spencer Tuppani was stabbed to death at Boon Tat Street back in 2017. And now, five years down the road, his friends are suing his estate’s co-administrators.

In May 2022, Tuppani’s friends, Jason Er Kok Yong, 42, and Lawrence Lim Soon Hwa, 46, sued his estate’s co-administrators, Shyller Tan Cheng Cheng, her sister Tan San San and Keh Lay Hong.

The pair insisted that they own some parts of Tuppani’s estate; however, the defendant’s defence is that these assets are all held under Tuppani’s sole name.

And on 13 May 2022, Tuppani’s mistress took to the stand as a witness for Tuppani’s friends.

Mistress of Man Killed by Father-in-Law Claimed Man Had an Unhappy Marriage

Ms Joan Yeo Gek Lin, 44, testified that the pair each holds one-third share of a $4.6 million Holland Village property.

Yeo had met Tuppani back in mid-2012 and fell in love.

Then, she claimed, Tuppani was in an unhappy marriage and from late 2013, Yeo and Tuppani lived as a couple and had two children together.

She was introduced to Er and Lim by Tuppani and said the three of them would often meet up to discuss investment opportunities.

She had also seen the trio enter cash transactions of more than S$100,000.

Trio Decided To Co-Fund Holland Village Property

In Feb 2017, Tuppani told Yeo that he, Er and Lim decided to invest in a Holland Village Property.

Each of them would come up with one-third of the purchase price, less the amount of the bank loan.

It was added that Tuppani will hold the property in his name as the other two could not get a property loan.

Yeo said that Tuppani had told her “All also cannot take loan” in a WhatsApp message regarding the property investment.

According to the duo, Tuppani proposed for Er and Lim to invest in the Lorong Mambong property alongside him at the end of 2016.

Any profits or losses would then be divided equally amongst the three.

The property, which initially cost $4.8 million, was later sold to them for $4.6 million as Tuppani offset a loan that he had previously given to one of the two sellers.


A mortgage loan of $3.68 million was taken out by Tuppani to finance the purchase.

Paid More Than Supposed To

It was also revealed that Tuppani had told the pair an additional $350,000 had to be paid as cash collateral for the S$3.68 million loan as well as $135,600 as buyer’s stamp duty.

After his death, it was found out that there was no collateral and the stamp duty was increased by $3,000.

Trial to Continue Next Week

Other than the property, the pair is also raising a dispute over the ownership of a BMW M6, which was purchased in Tuppani’s name back in February 2014.

The car costs $566,000.


Yeo also testified that she and Tuppani funded the purchase of a $7.4 million Leedon Heights property purchased in their respective fathers’ names.

The hearing will continue next week.

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Feature Image: Facebook (Spencer Tuppani)