MOH Says There’s No Evidence Of Wuhan Virus Being Airborne; Experts Weigh In

The Wuhan coronavirus is terrifying enough when it can be transmitted via physical contact and respiratory droplets (coughs and sneezes).

But if it was found to be airborne?

MOH: No Evidence Of Wuhan Virus Being An Airborne Virus

On 10 Feb 2020, Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) said that there is no evidence showing the Wuhan coronavirus to have the ability to transmit via air.

They were referring to reports that said that the Wuhan coronavirus might spread via aerosol transmission.

Aerosol transmission refers to virus particles staying in the air for a period of time. When people breathe in said air, they’ll get infected.

Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau deputy head Zeng Qun said that there is a possibility of the Wuhan coronavirus spreading via aerosol transmission on 8 Feb 2020.

However, disease expert Feng Luzhao refute the statement, saying that the 2019-nCoV particles are unable to stay in the air for a long time.

If It Is, The Situation Would’ve Been “Worse”

Dr Chia Shi-Lu, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health said that if the coronavirus can really be transmitted via air, the situation would’ve been “disastrous” by now.

He describes the phenomenon, if true, as similar to poison gas.

Surgical and N95 masks are not adequate protection against aerosol transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus.

So at the current moment, he doesn’t believe that the coronavirus is airborne.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Janil Puthucheary also believed that the Wuhan coronavirus isn’t airborne.

He pointed out that although some media outlets might have reported it as so, China’s official stance is to treat it as a droplet-spread coronavirus.

Trust In Your GP

People are now concerned over infected cases going to the GP multiple times before going to the hospital.

Dr Chia, however, explains that they do not want to “overwhelm” the hospitals. If they have to test every case, people who are at “higher risk” might have to wait longer.

He asks for Singaporeans to trust in their GPs, saying that they receive daily updates from MOH and are clear on what to do.

Keep Yourself Safe:

While we pull through together during this period, here are a few pointers to look out for:


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