Mom Looks So Young, People Thought Her Son Is Her Boyfriend

Image: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Let’s face it.

Almost all Asian mums are obsessed with making themselves seem younger than they actually are. If you tell them they’re old, well, guess who won’t talk to you for a week?

Some mums have somehow miraculously found the secret solution to staying youthful after their years of searching, though.

They may even have been ageing backwards, for all we know, some of them even look younger than a 25-year-old!

It may get weird sometimes when random strangers say your mum looks so young that they mistook her for your older sister, which she’d be over the moon to hear.

However, it’s gonna be even weirder, and horribly awkward, if they mistake her for your girlfriend instead – and that’s exactly what happened to this guy.

Motherly Love

One Jonathan Nguyen shared some photos on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits of his mother, except you can’t really tell that it’s his mother because she just looks SO youthful.

He captioned the post as “Having a young Asian mum is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her.”

Image: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Seriously, who’d expect that this lady, who looks around the same age as Jonathan himself, was actually his mum?!

Image: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Cool Mum

Not only does she look young on the outside, but she’s also young at heart, too. Jonathan posted a photo of them drinking together as well, sharing that his mum called him weak for not being able to drink more for the night:

“Me: I’m done drinking for the night.
“Mom: we are in Hawaii. Don’t be weak.
“Me: x_x….. drinks”

Image: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Maybe the secret to her youth was alcohol instead. Just kidding, please don’t drown yourself in alcohol in an attempt to imitate her youth.

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Most netizens needed to do a double-take, for they sincerely thought that she was Jonathan’s girlfriend instead.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Can’t blame them for thinking so.

He’s Not Trolling

However, Jonathan also shared a photo of him as a child with his mother, who still looked like she hadn’t aged a day since 20, and only that convinced everyone.

Image: Facebook/Jonathan Nguyen

Like I mentioned earlier, many netizens were most curious about how she managed to stay looking so young even after having a child.

Image: Facebook

Is she secretly a witch who graduated from Hogwarts Academy?

Jonathan didn’t expect for the post to go viral, sharing: “Didn’t expect this. My mum is going to go wild.”

Yep, she’s gone viral now for her timeless beauty, with the original post gaining more than 15,000 reactions and almost 8,000 comments.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t kill him for posting this. After all, he hasn’t revealed her well-kept secret to anyone yet…