Nanny Who Worked for $1.8 Billion Money Laundering Foreigners’ IT Guy Revealed How They Worked


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Well, if it interests you, the $1.8 billion money laundering saga is still ongoing, and new insider information has been revealed about the laundering operations.

A nanny for one of the money laundering foreigners’ “IT guy” revealed how they worked.

Nanny Who Worked for $1.8 Billion Money Laundering Foreigners’ IT Guy Revealed How They Worked

You should have heard of the $1.8 billion laundering saga by now—it’s the most extensive money laundering operation ever to be busted in Singapore, involving more than $1.8 billion worth of assets.

If you haven’t, you can watch this video to find out more:

Ten foreigners, all originally from Fujian, China, were arrested and charged with their involvement in offences including money laundering (duh…), forgery, and resisting arrest.

Anyway, it appears that a member of the money laundering foreigners’ “IT department” had a nanny, and this nanny has now come forward to reveal details about how the operation might have worked.

“IT Department” of Money Laundering Foreigners Allegedly Worked Remotely

The nanny, who uses the pseudonym Vivian, shared that she worked for a man named Chen.

Spoiler alert: Chen is a member of the money laundering foreigners’ “IT department”.

Vivian met Chen in 2019 in Xiamen, China, and subsequently became employed as his nanny upon moving to Singapore.

Chen resided in an apartment in the Newton area. A lovely apartment in a nice area—we wonder why he needed this.

According to Shin Min Daily News, Chen stayed at home most of the time as he worked remotely.

No wonder he needed a nice home. It’s always nicer to WFH from an expensive apartment than just any HDB, the same way it’s more comforting to cry in a Ferrari than on the MRT.

According to Vivian, two other men were also working closely alongside Chen. All three men worked remotely on their devices and rarely ventured outside to “touch grass”.

Vivian also once had sight of a group chat Chen was in, where over 30 people reported on their work throughout the day. Presumably, this was the “IT department” group chat.


The nanny further revealed having observed large sums of cash being dropped off at the Newton apartment’s doorstep monthly, presumably payment for Chen’s IT work.

How large are these sums? The cash allegedly constituted multiple bundles of $1,000 notes.

According to Vivian, Chen would then exchange these $1,000 notes for smaller $100 denominations the next day for his own use.

Yeah… Not suspicious at all. 

Nanny Alleges Su Baolin Having Visited the Newton Apartment Where She Worked as a Nanny

One of the accused persons in the money laundering saga is 41-year-old Su Baolin, who you may recognise as “the guy with the pretentious photo”.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

To be fair, he didn’t get to choose which photo of him news outlets would use lah… 

Regardless of whether you think he qualifies as a yandao, it remains that most of us only know Su from images that have made their rounds online. However, the nanny, Vivian, has apparently seen him with her own two eyes.

She claims that during the seven to eight months she worked as a nanny at Chen’s Newton apartment, she once saw Su visiting Chen.

This sounds like it’s straight out of a movie. Jack Neo should get in on this.

According to Vivian, when Su arrived at the apartment, he closed the balcony door, drew the curtains and talked to four or five others on the balcony for nearly three hours.

The nanny did not reveal what the topic of conversation was.


For all we know, they could have been talking about what whiskey to buy next to “wash” their money.

However, at that point, Vivian’s suspicions about her employer had yet to arise. Only after the money laundering operation was busted did Vivian start to see Chen’s potential link to the money laundering operation.

The nanny eventually lodged a police report on Thursday (7 September).