Despite Covid-19, Chow Chor Meng & Dennis Chew Opens 4th Mookata Outlet in Tampines

The Covid-19 has proven to be more than just a health-threatening pandemic.

It has also forced society into recession, clipping our wings and crippling the most able of businesses.

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Truly, it’s a tragedy in more aspects than one.

And yet, at the same time, some are also facing the current situation with utmost defiance. Despite the pandemic, they are still out there, eking out a living…

Even with all odds stacked against them.

Despite Covid-19, Chow Chor Meng & Dennis Chew Opens 4th Mookata Outlet in Tampines

Dennis Chew and Chew Chor Meng are more than renowned celebrities;

They are also successful entrepreneurs.

Having opened their first Mookata outlet in Hougang in July 2017, they’ve since gone on to open another three outlets in Singapore.

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Which is no mean feat, considering the sheer ‘mookata’ competition going on in the country.

And to add on, just a year later, they opened their first The Famous Zhou outlet in Ang Mo Kio.

With two outlets soon following in rapid succession.

Talk about entrepreneur goals.

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And now, even with the Covid-19 pandemic well underway, it seems that the duo is still working hard at it…

With their ‘fourth’ outlet opening at 1 Tampines North Drive 1.

According to 888 Mookata’s Facebook page, their newest outlet has opened its doors to the public.

Located in a space next to Giant Hypermart, the outlet will supposedly offer a promotional discount of 10% off all items for the month of September, in celebration of its opening.

Great-tasting mookata and a promising 10% promotional discount?

You’ve got me hooked. 

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And it seems that the franchise is indeed well-loved by the folks, with the post garnering over 700 likes and 700 shares in the span of mere days.

Majority of Netizens have also congratulated the chain for its newest opening, with some attesting to the quality of the food.

Image: Facebook (888 Mookata)

All in all, things certainly seem promising.

But The Revelation Hides A Tough 2020 Thus Far

In an interview with 8 Days in April, Chew revealed that the eatery had sustained a heavy 40 per cent drop in sales during the Covid-19 period.

He also stated that if the situation did not pick up, he might have to close down 888 Mookata’s Bukit Batok outlet.

Two months later, the eatery announced that their Bukit Batok outlet has officially closed. Though instead of a permanent shutdown, the outlet will be relocated instead.

And in March, Chew confirmed that The Famous Zhou has shut down operations at their newest outlet in Bedok.

Apparently, the outlet was open for just a few months, from November 2019.

According to Chew, the virus outbreak, as well as declining sales, have contributed to the outlet’s downfall.

Despite the closure, however, Chew did not lay off any of his 24 workers. Instead, they were deployed to other outlets, with some taking no-pay leave in groups.

An Outlet Raised In The Midst Of Uncertainty

The ongoing epidemic may seem domineering in its onslaught, but it’s heartening to see that even with all the odds stacked against the business side of things, there remain entities keen to take on the fight… to even out the odds in the current situation.

However, even the most resolute of determination and willpower will fall to shreds if there is no result, and so if you’re living in the vicinity or happen to be around the area…

You might want to lend the Thai mookata place a hand.


  • Address: T-space, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, Singapore 528559
  • Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm, daily

Plus, it supposedly tastes good. So if anything else…

It certainly won’t be a wasted trip.

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