SFA Taking Action Against Mookata Restaurant After Diner Spotted Cockroaches on Drinks Dispenser

What’s a deal-breaker for you at any restaurant?

Is it poor service? Lack of food variety?

Regardless of personal opinions, there is one common enemy we dread to face in any dining establishment that will ensure we do not ever return again.


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If you’re already cringing or screaming internally from that word alone, you know what I mean.

Perhaps the foulest and dirtiest creatures on the planet (aside from humans), it is a sight unwelcome to everybody – especially when dining at your favourite mookata restaurant.

Cockroach Infestation At Golden Mile Mookata Restaurant

Yep, that heading is an unfortunate combination of words we wish wasn’t true.

Unfortunately, it is.

A particular diner named Noelle on STOMP was enjoying her feast at Y Cube Mookata Buffet on 3 July when she noticed that the drink dispenser was allegedly crawling with cockroaches.

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Yep, I’m cringing too.

After she raised it up to the manager, he tried to brush her off with the excuse that the dispenser had not been used for a long time due to the circuit breaker and even tried to ignore the cockroaches.

Only after more pushing from Noelle did a staff member kill the cockroach (and apparently did not even disinfect the area), but it was useless anyway.

Manager Continued To Ignore The Infestation

For more cockroaches came crawling out.

Recorded in her video, two more cockroaches came crawling out, perhaps looking for their missing father.


To make things worse, Noelle was seated right beside the drink dispenser.

Image: Tenor

After raising it up once more and requesting to either have a change of seat or better yet, for the manager to burn down the place with a flamethrower remove the entire dispenser machine, he simply ignored her and merely move her table “a mini inch away” from the dispenser.

Image: Stomp

After raising it up to STOMP, Noelle stated that she wished for the restaurant owner to do something about this.

SFA Taking Action Against Restaurant

Needless to say, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) doesn’t take too kindly to such situations.

Under the Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations, operators of SFA-licensed premises are to ensure that the premises are free of infestation by rodents, cockroaches or other vermin,” an SFA spokesperson ensured.

After receiving the feedback, they carried out inspections at the restaurant and will be taking enforcement actions.

SFA also advises members of the public to provide feedback here if they encounter such situations.

After reading that, I can’t stop cringing and I will probably go crazy at the next cockroach I see.

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Burn them all.

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