More Young S’porean Men Getting Gout, a Condition Commonly Associated with Older Men

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You know how many of the older folks like to berate and mock the younger generation?

They call the youths spoilt, weak, stupid, lazy, entitled, amongst many other things.

(Boss, I’m so looking at you)

Of course, most of the times, it’s just baseless stereotypes and generalisations that they use to feel superior. Just take a look at this video we’ve done and you’ll understand:

However, perhaps they were right about one thing.

We may be getting a bit too weak – physically.

No, it’s nothing to do with how much you can bench press.


It’s about health.

Gout Starting To Occur More Commonly In Young Men

First of all: What is gout?

It’s a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops when an individual has high levels of uric acid in their blood.

The acid forms crystals in joints and results in episodes of pain, tenderness, and swelling.

Image: WebMD
Image: WebMD

Well, most of the time, gout only occurs in people aged 50 and above.

However, there has been a surge of cases of youths ranging from teenage to their 20s being diagnosed with gout.

Now that’s worrying.

With even 9-year-olds and NSFs-in-training being plagued, this is a trend that cannot continue.

Healthy Lifestyle

It’s not the fault of youths, really. It’s simply what society has evolved into. With our country focused on studies and work, people rarely have time for anything else anymore.

Gone are the days where youths could gather to play football or hide-and-seek after school and work up a good sweat.

Pretty much from tertiary education onward, youths have to spend most of their time seated doing work. Entertainment? They’re lying on their bed with their phones.

As a result, it appears that it is taking a toll on our health.

However, doctors are recommending for us to exercise regularly and eat more healthily.

Maybe go to the park for a short run or do some static exercises at home occasionally. I’m sure that’s manageable.

Also cut back on sweet drinks and alcohol as often as possible and consume red meat, organ meat, and seafood in moderation.

But just in case, here are the symptoms to look out for:

  • Extreme pain in 1 or more joints
  • Joint(s) feeling ‘hot’ and tender
  • Swelling around joint
  • Red and ‘shiny’ skin at affected joint

While women are generally much less likely to contract gout to their estrogen levels, they are not immune either.


Keep a lookout for the symptoms and seek treatment immediately if gout is suspected.

You won’t want your old boss to walk up to you and say, “See lah, you youngsters arh, really getting weaker leh…”

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