Mother Gets Frustrated From Son’s Inability To Do Math Question For Homework; Suffers Heart Attack

Math is easy.

The writer says as he casually hides his Secondary School report cards full of Ds.

To be fair, I’m a slow learner and I sure know I’m not the only one out there.

If you’re a parent teaching your kid this subject, know that sometimes they need a little more time to understand things.

But uh…just don’t get mad until it affects your health.

Homework Heart Attack

You’re probably getting curious about what’s going on.

I was too when I read about it.

Sinchew Daily recently shared a YouTube video, detailing that a 36-year-old mother from Hubei, China, suffered a heart attack.

All because she got so mad her child couldn’t understand the math problem he was doing.

While I’m concerned for her, that must’ve been some anger.

According to Sinchew Daily, the mother known as Ms Wang would do revision with her Primary 3 child daily.

However, during a recent session her son got stuck on a difficult question.

Despite multiple explanations, her son could not understand it and she got so angry that she apparently felt like hitting her son.

Image: knowyourmeme

Alright, lady, that’s a little bit too much. Someone definitely needs to chill.

Anger To Fear

Things went from a zero to 100 real fast.

Ms Wang reported that she felt a sensation in her chest and breathlessness not long after getting angry.

She quickly called her husband and asked to bring her to the hospital. Even when she arrived, she was sweating and the tightness in her chest continued.

Thank goodness she went, by the way.

The doctors told her that if she had come any later she might’ve died from heart failure. 

Source: Tenor

Personally, I doubt it’s just because she got angry.

Unlike the belief that it only affects older folk, heart attacks are rising even among younger people now.


People like me basically shouldn’t get complacent with diet, a good amount of exercise, and proper sleep. All of this can help reduce the risk of heart failure and problems.

The writer says as he gobbles his Avocado Beef Burger and onion rings.

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