#MovieMonday: Little Q Review: So Touching, Even a Cat Would Cry Watching It

If you’ve only ten seconds to read this review, then here’s a one-sentence review:

It’s so bloody touching, even a cat watching it would cry.

I kid you not.

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last few weeks, you’d have seen this advertisement playing repeatedly on your newsfeed:

And if you look at all the videos in the MM2 Entertainment Singapore Facebook Page, you’d realise something: most of the videos have three-digit views, and it’s same for Little Q’s trailer…except that there’s a “K” behind the number.

Why, you ask.

Because people are already crying at the trailer.

What the Dog, right?

Now, before moving on into the review, let’s look at the background of this simple, yet powerful, movie.

Movie Based on a Novel

The film is based on a popular Japanese novel, The Life of Quill, the Seeing-Eye Dog. Here’s the thing that’ll make you cry even more: it’s apparently based on a real story.

Image: jwh.trannet.co.jp

The book was soon adapted into a Japanese film, and while I’ve not watched it, it seems to be yet another sobfest.

The movie went on to become a commercial success with multiple good reviews.

Which explains why that Labrador is moving into the Chinese market.

Simple Plot, Deep Meaning & Superb Acting

The plot is pretty simple: a man gives up on life after becoming blind, and the guide dog he’s attached to shows him life.

You’d be able to tell from the trailer.

But what’s so simple has a subtle, deep message: what’s your purpose in life? What keeps you going? Are you even contented with your life? Why is Labrador so big and so cute?!

One aspect that Singaporeans might not be able to relate is that Labrador Retriever, the breed that’s more intelligent than your nasty boss, is not commonly found in Singapore: they work as guide dogs and police / military dogs, but not many Singaporeans keep them as pets as they’re not HDB approved.

Image: Jagodka / Shutterstock.com

Its cousin breed, Gold Retriever (which has longer fur), is more popular amongst private property owners.

Image: tanatat / Shutterstock.com

Nevertheless, the performance of the Labrador in the film might turn you into a Labrador lover.


I know Labradors are smart, but I didn’t know they can act so well. Little Q’s expression could rival even some of MediaCorp’s celebrities: I’m seriously wondering if that’s a computer-generated dog.

But most credits would have to go to Simon Yam, who got into every headline after being stabbed on stage recently.

The veteran actor brings out his character with such emotions that you might now remember him as “that guy with a dog” instead of “that guy who was stabbed”. Like any of his previous works, the man can tell you what to feel with a stare.

I’m going to go on a limb and said that without him, the movie would’ve been a complete flop.

Suffice to say, it’s a must-watch even if you’re an angry cat living in Yishun.


I’d suggest that you buy a big tub of popcorn, finish it fast and water-fall your tears into the tub, if not the entire theatre would be flooded.

It’s really that moving.

Here’s a gif of a Labrador doing stupid thing again so you’ll cry more when you think of this while watching the movie:

Image: giphy

Rating: 4.5/5

Just like More Than Blues, this movie is only available in Cathay Cineplexes and WE Cinema, but unlike More Than Blues that’s always full house, it’s rather easy to get a seat…for now.

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