#MovieMonday: Pokémon Detective Pikachu Review: Better Than Endgame With Its Cuteness & Perfect Plot

Image: YouTube (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Now, I know what I’ve got myself into: MCU fans have started CSI-ing for my personal details, and some of them have even ordered some rotten eggs online.

But hold your horses. Firstly, this is a personal opinion, and we’re all entitled to one.

And secondly…this is Pokemon movie is really better than Endgame.

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And thirdly, there’s the new doxxing law, so too bad.

But anyways, if you feel offended, here’s a cute Pikachu dancing that’ll pacify you.

Image: Tenor

Now, moving on;

If you don’t know what a Pokemon is, you’re either one of those people who’ve been turned into ashes and only revived recently or you’re a Digimon Master.

Because every Rocket, Smith or Ash knows about Pokemon. Even if you’ve not played the Game Boy version when you were a kid, you’d have downloaded Pokemon GO and tried catching some Pokemons when “Snorlax” was the word of the century.

It’s a well-known fact that the movie’s made due to the success of Pokemon GO, with various Hollywood film companies trying to get the film rights to the franchise.

However, here’s a more unknown fact: do you know that, prior to this movie, there were already 21 Pokemon movies? Those are, however, animated films, so they’ve not attracted mainstream attention, unlike this latest one that’s live-action.

I mean, this trailer back then made everyone go apeshit:

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Many people were shocked that Pikachu is apparently fluffy and sounds like Deadpool. Also, fans were disappointed that Ash isn’t the main character.

Therefore, before the movie hit theatres, there were already mixed reactions: is it going to perform? Is it going to be the flop of the century?

Is it bad enough to kill the entire Pokemon franchise?

Well, let’s find out (though I’m sure you’ve already known the answer from the headline).

Slow Start That’s for Pokemon Fans

I went to the cinema without any expectations except this:

Reviews from critics don’t seem impressive, but 95% of Google users loved it. I guess you can say that the reviews are, so far, mixed as well.

Am I going to waste money on a yellow fluffy creature?

Now, do note that I’ve not even played Pokemon GO before. My closest encounter with Pokemon was years ago when Pokemons lived in a big brick known as Game Boy.

And in the first thirty minutes or so, I was convinced that I should’ve believed in the critics.

The movie starts off slow – very slow. However, if you’re a Pokemon fan, you might want certain scenes to freeze, for there were cameos of many Pokemons. The kid in front of me was screaming for a pause button because he was trying to educate his parents about the different Pokemons in the frame.

Suffice to say, just like the game, this movie has got rewatch value.

But only if you’re a fan.

For me, the Pokemons are cute but it didn’t make me cry out loud. While I understand the slow start is necessary to introduce us to the Pokemon universe, I was worried that it’s going to be a plotless, made-for-fans movie.

Moreover, I couldn’t laugh at any of the slapstick jokes, which made it even more boring.

But thank God I was wrong, because once the introduction’s over and you’re introduced to Psyduck, the plot thickens.


Great Plot…

With the exposition out of the way, the movie went on overdrive and almost became a different genre altogether: it’s no longer a movie made for fans but a rollercoaster ride that’ll make you go, “No wonder Pokemon is such a popular franchise.”

The plot is unexpectedly good – we’re talking about twists that you’d have only expected from M. Night Shyamalan movie, meaningful themes that touch the heart and characters that’re so well-loved, you’re secretly rooting for them.

In fact, there were so many foreshadows at the beginning of the movie that you’d want to rewatch just to understand it better.

And here’s something that’ll shock you: the ending can be so chim, you might need to Google for the meaning of the ending when you’re out of the hall.

Bear in mind that this is a Pokemon movie, not a Shakespeare play.

I’m actually wondering whether kids would enjoy it.


The first thirty minutes might bore a non-fan to sleep, but soon after that, you’d be at the edge of your seat.

Think of the movie as a Michael Bay movie, and change the explosions to trees falling, and the guns to…Pokemons’ powers. It’s so action-packed, you might forget that it’s a Pokemon movie.

But what’s next is the best-est.

…and cuteness overloaded

If I say anything, it would be a spoiler, so just remember this: this movie is filled with cuteness, and I’m not talking about Deadpool Pikachu.

And I’m not talking about the cameos, but about Psyduck, the “silly” Pokemon that you’d grow to like after the movie.

Image: Tenor

So, overall, is it a must-watch?

Given that the sequel is more or less confirmed, and that there are plans for a “Pokemon Cinematic Universe”, it’s a no-brainer.

Go watch it.

Rating: 4.5/5 (I would have given it 5/5 if not for the slow start)