Mr Bean Has Salted Egg Yolk Ice-Cream Cuz Everything Salted Egg

Back in 2019 BC, a wise old man turned to Bufflord95 and said, “I predict that in 2,000 years’ time, people would be crazy over salted egg yolk, and the trend will never die.”

Bufflord95, who’s born in 1995 and has time-travelled to 2019 BC, lowered his eyebrows. “That means salted egg yolk has been trending since 0019BC?!”

“No, idiot. It’s 2019 AD.”

“But 2019 minus 2000 is—”

“And a certain fast-food restaurant would come out with a failed salted egg yolk fries.”

“You all got fries in 2019 BC ah?”

“Then Mrs Bean will have salted egg yolk ice-cream.”

“You mean Mr Bean? Say what…?”

Bufflord95 was back in the past to research on who built the pyramids, but upon hearing that, he travelled back to 2019 as Mr Bean Has Salted Egg Yolk Ice-Cream Cuz Everything Salted Egg.

The Never-Dying Trend has a New Home

Ever since a certain fast-food restaurant cocked up a salted egg yolk dish, which tastes sour like honey mustard instead, our expectations for salted egg yolk dishes have dropped to an all-time low.

In fact, we’re starting to believe that businesses are just riding on the name and not the taste, because anything salted egg would sell well.

I mean, we’ve got salted egg yolk bubble tea, salted egg yolk chicken, salted egg yolk chips and last I heard, there’s a salted egg yolk salted egg, whereby they dip a salted egg (those original ones you have with porridge) into some salted egg yolk sauce.

So having a salted egg yolk ice-cream isn’t new: in fact, ice-cream parlours in Singapore have been selling them since 0019BC.

But when it’s coming from a well-established brand like Mr Bean, and not your typical rich parent’s kid’s café?

You know it’s got to be something worth trying.

Mr Bean’s Salted Egg Yolk Ice-Cream

For reasons only known to this guy…

Image: Irish Times

…Mr Bean has come out with the a salted egg yolk ice-cream but it was only announced in their Instagram and not on their Facebook (or website).

There was no media release sent to us as well (maybe we’re too ugly), so chances are you’re not aware of this unless you’re one who goes to Mr Bean daily.

Image: Instagram (@mrbeansg)

Here’s the captions in the IG post:

Caught up with the ”Salted Egg Yolk” trend?

Now Mr Bean has our own take on it!

Introducing Mr Beans 咸蛋黄冰淇淋 // Golden Salted Egg Ice Cream!


Be sure to get yours today @ $2.80/cup, limited time only!

For the cutie bean’s fans, do note it’s not mentioned whether it’s made from their soya ice-cream: if it is, I bet it’ll be one hell of an ice-cream (Ah Bean’s fans would understand).

Now, if you’ve been traumatized by McDonald’s sour egg yolk fries, this might restore your confidence in the everything salted egg trend.


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