Mrs Universe S’pore 2019 Is A Mother Of 2 & She Wants To Share A Message About Miscarriages

There are so many topics and discussions that are perceived as too ‘taboo’ to be publicly talked about.

As a result, individuals tend to feel like they have to deal with it by themselves instead of receiving support.

One of these topics is miscarriages. That said, Singapore’s recently crowned Mrs Singapore Universe 2019 hopes to use her newfound fame to break this taboo:

Image: Minhua Li Facebook

Joined Mrs Singapore Universe To Share Her Story With Other Women

Fame, fortune and more fame – that’s the primary reason why many people compete in beauty competitions. Well, not Ms Li though.

Image: Giphy

Ms Li joined Mrs Singapore Universe so that she could reach out to other women and share her experience.

Often, posting such private information online would be perceived as TMI, but this wasn’t the case for her supportive fans. After doing so, many women told her that they were grateful.

Aww, girls supporting girls.

Experienced Labour 17 Weeks Into Pregnancy

Here’s her story:

Between giving birth to her 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, Ms Li suffered a miscarriage and experience labour just 17 weeks into pregnancy.

That’s 23 weeks too early.

According to The Straits Times, after 30 excruciating hours of labour, she delivered the foetus.

Unfortunately, the baby was too young to survive outside the womb and passed away. The baby was then cremated and wrapped in bed linen as it was too tiny to wear any other clothes.

I think I have something in my eye.

Image: Giphy

She began to volunteer at Angel Hearts, which provides clothes for babies who have passed away using recycled wedding gowns.

It’s amazing that even after going through such an ordeal, Ms Li still bounces back up and doesn’t let the past define her.

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Hopes To Inspire Her Daughter To Be More Confident

Besides participating in Mrs Singapore Universe to share her story about her miscarriage, Ms Li hopes to inspire her daughter and other little girls to be more confident.

Even little kids can be mean.

Her daughter reportedly came home one day and told her mother that someone had said she was not pretty. She then decided that she had to do something, and this was one of her reasons for joining Mrs Singapore 2019.

Image: Minhua Li Facebook

I hope that us girls will continue supporting each other, and not be afraid to break the status quo when it comes to discussing otherwise taboo topics, just like Ms Li.

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