M’sia Actress’ Face Smashed by 6kg Bowling Ball But She Resumed Acting After Half-Day’s Rest

Have you ever accidentally dropped a bowling ball on your foot? If you did, I’m pretty sure you’ll never forget the pain of that experience.

Well, this Malaysian actress took it to the next level and had her face smashed by a bowling ball. Here’s what happened.

Wheelchair Toppled Backwards, Bowling Ball Smashed Her Face

Malaysian actress Sheila Rusly plays a disabled bowler in a new drama series called Ratu Ten Pin. Her character, Mem Maria, uses a wheelchair.

Sheila’s husband, Malaysian television director and producer Azman Yahya, shared a video of this accident on Instagram.

In the video, Sheila can be seen sitting in the wheelchair with a bowling ball resting in her lap. She was trying to roll her wheelchair up a ramp toward the bowling lane.

In a sudden turn of events, the wheelchair suddenly toppled backwards halfway up the ramp. The bowling ball, which fell from her lap, ended up smashing into her face.

Staff could be seen rushing to her and cleaning up her face with tissues. (BTW, if you’re squeamish around blood, you probably shouldn’t watch the video.)

Husband’s Distress

Azman said in the post: “Only God knows how distressed I was when I saw a 13-lbs bowling ball land on your face.

Your mouth is full of blood, but I know you can bear it. I know you can overcome the pain, because at that time, you were not Sheila Rusly, but Mem Maria, someone who is unstoppable. Speedy recovery, babe.”

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Quick Recovery of Only Half A Day

It seems that Sheila really did harness the girlboss attitude of Mem Maria, as she resumed work only after half a day of rest.

Also, the video was set to the soundtrack of Sia’s iconic anthem, “Unstoppable”, which seems apt given Sheila’s quick recovery.

Take this as a reminder to be careful, as mishaps can happen anywhere and anytime.

You can watch the full video here:

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Featured Image: Instagram (jinggo_jspictures)