M’sia Family Includes Phone Number of Son Who’s Single in Full-Page Obituary

Credits: Joon Chan (Facebook)


Reading the title might generate some assumptions. So before continuing, this isn’t an act of extreme desperation, nor is it a disrespectful one.

It’s a unique and personalised way of honouring the departed.

The Obituary

Credits: Joon Chan (Facebook)

On 12 May 2019, the late Chan Kok Choi had a full-page obituary published in a newspaper.

While listing out the relatives of the man, his family members decided to advertise the only son in the family, Chan Heng Joon, as an eligible bachelor, with “still single” and a phone number written underneath his name in parenthesis.

A Humourous Touch

The relationship status of Heng Joon, 32, and his quest to change it is kind of an inside joke for the family.

The comment in the bracket was added by his three elder sisters to honour their father’s “great sense of humour”.

Heng Joon agreed that “He would (have) loved that.”

The joke was enhanced by the fact that his sisters are all married with families whose names are all listed down.


“I have three married elder sisters. After getting all their kids, husbands and in-laws’ names in the obituary, there was my name – all by itself,” Heng Joon said.

“Since it was a full-page ad going out, they thought it would be quirky to include (my details).”

A Life Well Lived

Some deaths are a devastating tragedy.

Others, amidst being sorrowful, are also a celebration for a long life well lived. This passing seems to be more of the latter as the relatives congregate to share happy memories.

Credits: Joon Chan (Facebook)

Heng Joon said that at his father’s memorial, friends and families listened to his favourite songs and shared “little-known details” about him.

He was also fondly recognised for his buoyant disposition.

“He had all the diseases and ailments in the world, (but) never once complained. He’s still nicknamed ‘sunshine’ by his friends.”

This seems to go hand-in-hand with his humorous side, as hinted by how his family members thought it appropriate to further Heng Joon’s search for a spouse on his father’s obituary. It would make sense if it is this same lightheartedness he carried in the face of suffering.

He is also said to be “The most generous and kind man.”

And Lastly 

To All the Single Ladies, we would like to remind you again that Heng Joon is still available.

Credits: Joon Chan (Facebook)

If he actually finds a life-long partner through this, it will really be the last thing a father does for his son.


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