M’sia Girl Shared Experience of an Unethical Workshop, But People Want to Know Something Else

A Malaysian girl shared her frustrating experience with a car mechanic who almost scammed her out of a lot of money.

According to her, she brought her car to a workshop in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia, and the mechanic told her she needed to replace the gearbox, quoting a price of RM3,500 (S$1,130).

When the girl discussed with her parents and decided to tow it back to Singapore, the mechanic instead told her the gearbox did not need to be replaced after all, then quoting a lower price of RM1,200 (S$387).

The girl then decided to cancel the towing, and push the decision to the next day as it was getting late. She clearly remembered telling the workshop not to touch her car.

Unfortunately, the next day as she wanted to tow the car to another workshop, she was informed the car had been dismantled already. After some argument, the workshop agreed to only receive a payment of RM100 (S$32) for overnight parking.

image: stomp.com.sg

At the other workshop, it turns out that the only problem with her car was that the oil lubricant was not locked in place and needed a top up. That cost her only RM80 (S$25).

Looking at this incident, and the relevant photos, I guess the moral of the story is, if you’re looking for a trustworthy mechanic, and especially if you look like that, come to our workshop for servicing!

image: stomp.com.sg

Look like this, btw.

Seriously though, for a simple story like that, about nearly being cheated by a car mechanic (which is very common), did it really warrant a selfie like that? Knowing the internet, the point of this story might very well get warped, and the focus gets turned onto the girl instead of the mechanic.

image: stomp.com.sg

Exactly like this.

Look at these comments. I literally just mentioned about focusing on the wrong things, and this happens.

image: stomp.com.sg

We’re supposed to look furiously for the scammer’s info so we can help people not to get scammed, but instead we have people wanting to know about the girl.

I mean, I’m not one to get upset over a picture of a good-looking girl, but come on.

image: stomp.com.sg

Come on.

Ok, yeah. That’s probably enough.

Really though, please be careful when leaving your car at the mechanic like this. Unethical workshops could be anywhere, not just Malaysia, so in the event you have to leave your car behind like this, remember to protect yourself, and make sure they won’t touch your car.

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Featured Image: stomp.com.sg

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