M’sia Grab Driver Drove Over 200KM To Return Lost S’porean Prada Wallet


Previously, we talked about how there was a 23-year-old man who found someone else’s credit card and spent $1,000 on it to buy a PMD.

In that article, I discussed two other options we usually have when we’re faced with a situation where we find someone else’s belongings. We can either return the belongings to the rightful owner either by finding them ourselves or by reporting it to the police, or we can just leave it (though that’s not very nice of you to do).

In contrast to the man in that article, we have another story today that will hopefully restore your hope in humanity and inspire you to do the same if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Malaysian Grab driver Mr Sateesh recently picked up a 31-year-old Singaporean passenger, Mr Mak, in Johor Bahru on 4 January, Saturday, at around 9pm.

Unfortunately for Mr Mak, he accidentally left his Prada wallet which contained a few hundred dollars and a few of his cards in the vehicle when he alighted.

Image: Facebook (Carney Mak)

He didn’t notice this until he had to pay for dinner. Noticing this, he immediately made a report to Grab while heading back to Singapore.

Shortly after he arrived in Singapore, Mr Sateesh gave him a call to tell him that he will let him know if he found his wallet. And at around 12 midnight, he texted Mr Mak saying that he found his wallet in the rear seat and would gladly return it to him.


Seeing as to how it was already past midnight, they both agreed to meet at a petrol kiosk near JB Sentral bus terminal at around 5pm the next day.

Mr Sateesh then drove 222km from Malacca all the way to JB just to personally return Mr Mak his wallet.

He was very thankful for Mr Sateesh’s actions because he knew that the journey must have been tiring and difficult.

Image: Facebook (Carney Mak)

Upon meeting to receive his wallet, he checked the contents of it and was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was intact.


The two snapped a photo together and went on their way. When Mr Mak returned home, he wrote a lengthy Facebook post to commend Mr Sateesh’s actions.

Image: Facebook (Carney Mak)

Well, this just goes to show that not all humans are bad and that there’s still kindness in this world.

But of course, we shouldn’t take this for granted and should always make sure that our belongings are with us before we leave anywhere, especially when we’re overseas.

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