M’sia Man Gets Married in Doraemon Suit & is Proud of It


Last Updated on 2019-08-03 , 6:14 pm

Nowadays, people are placing increasing value on creativity. After all, like Einstein said, “imagination encircles the world”. Without a creative imagination, I’d imagine the world to be extremely dull.

But how many of us would be so bold to display our creativity (and love) on our wedding suits?

Image: Facebook (Abann Dass)

That’s right, I’m talking about incorporating your favorite cartoon or anime to your wedding suit.

A Malaysian man, Abann Dass, combined his beloved cartoon with the traditional Malay outfit for his wedding. Dass’ outfit is bright blue and consists of the main characters in Doraemon such as Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo.

The reason for this, you ask?

None other than the fact that the groom is a huge fan of Japanese animation, Doraemon in particular.

In sum, his OOTD is a marriage by itselfone that is between tradition and modernity.

That is actual dedication to doremon.

The Bride’s Reaction

I think 99% of brides would have freaked at the thought of their grooms wearing outfits that are not compatible to their dresses, let alone one that has Doraemon printed all over it.

But this bride is the rare exception.

According to The Star Online, the outfit was initially meant for the photography session. Five days before the wedding, however, Dass made the decision to wear it on the pelamin, where the bride and groom will sit together during the ceremony.

Now I would imagine such a change would cause the bride to fly into panic mode. But kudos to her, because…

Even though the bride was reluctant for her groom to wear the Doraemon Baju Melayu, she eventually relented out of her love for him.

Of course, the persistent groom convinced her by saying “kalau you sayangkan I, pakai kejap pun tak apa” (which translates to, if you love me, you wouldn’t mind even if I wore this for a while).

Image: Facebook (Abann Dass)

Well played, sir.


But the bride did more than just agree to let her groom wear what he wanted.

She had a similar bride attire to match Dass’ Baju Melayu.

Say what?

That said, the bride requested for her photos not to be uploaded and the groom is respecting her wishes. Dass said, “I understand what she is going through. For now, it is just me wearing this Doraemon theme attire”.


Meanwhile, I found the perfect Halloween outfits for the newlyweds.

Image: pininterest.com

Ok, to be honest…Doraemon’s eyes are freaking me out a little. And Nobita looks like a crazy scientist with a really dorky bowl cut.

What about…

Image: instagram user really3d

Not that great either? Oh well…I’ll do better next time.

But still, despite the amount of blue in this article, this is a story of love that we should all learn from.