M’sia McDonald’s Now Selling Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie, S’pore Loses Liao

Singapore was leading in the race against Malaysia when it comes to McDonald’s food.

After all, while Malaysia had Durian McFlurry, we had the Nasi Lemak burger, the Durian McFlurry (too) as well as the champion: the hot chocolate pie.

Image: twitter.com/tr3ciateh

But with Malaysia McDonald’s latest offering, we’re now beaten back to second place.

The Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie

This might be no salted egg but salted caramel and chocolate belong together like Xiao Qiang and Xing Xing.

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Imagine sweet, salty goodness wrapped in hot, savoury crust. If that doesn’t sound like a dream come true, what does?

A burnt tongue is worth biting deep deep into the hot pie and getting an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

And that’s not all Malaysia McDonald’s is offering right now.

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Salted Caramel Everything, People

They’re going all out with salted caramel this time.

I’m talking Salted Caramel Sundae, Salted Caramel McFlurry and even Salted Caramel McFlurry Party.

For those who don’t know what’s a Salted Caramel McFlurry Party, it’s a huge version of the McFlurry perfect for several people to share.

Because nothing’s better than sharing ice cream with people you like, don’t you?

And They Have Something For The Coffee Lovers Too

And if you love coffee, you’re going to love this.

McDonald’s is also rolling out coffee-inspired desserts like Coffee Sundae topped with Chocolate or salted caramel, Coffee ChocoTop Cone and Coffee-flavoured soft-serve ice cream.

The new desserts are all available from 1 Oct 2018 onwards (which happens to be…today).

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Now’s The Perfect Chance To Try It For Yourself

If you’re thinking, should you make your way down to JB just to try the new pie…yes, you should.

It’s salted caramel and chocolate. How could you not?

Plus, the Singapore dollar has just strengthened against the Malaysia Ringgit, bringing it back firmly in the $1 to RM 3 exchange rate.

On Wednesday (26 September), the Singapore dollar reached RM3.0363, the highest figure since Singdollar touched RM3.0417 on 29 Dec last year (2017).

So that’s one more reason for you to go and eat and shop till you drop at JB.

And if you feel that City Square’s a bit too crowded for your taste, make your way to Bukit Indah instead.

It’s quiet, accessible and even cheaper than City Square. Think neighbourhood malls vs Westgate in Singapore.

Image: McDonald’s Bukit Indah DT Facebook Page

The McDonald’s might not be within the Aeon Mall at Bukit Indah, but it’s just one road away.

Time to jio your friend out for a JB trip liao!

You’re welcome!

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