M’sia Singer Who Was Arrested for Having a Bear in Flat Claimed She Thought It Was a Dog

Recently, a report shook the entire office.

One of the warning signs for earth approaching d-day (and the day we stop caring about CPF monies) is the extinction of animal species.

Which is why countries and animal groups around the world are placing endangered species on the protection list.

Like this little guy right here.

Image: Daily Mail

Aww, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~

Erm, I mean, so. Cute. *Super deep manly voice*.

And I’m not the only one to think so.

It’s So Cute It Got A M’sian Singer Into Trouble

Image: mstar.com.my

She is Zarith Sofia, a Malaysian singer and a former contestant on the reality show, Rockanova.

Several residents at the Sentrio Suites Condominium in Desa Pandan heard the animal’s cries.

The animal was reportedly six months old but has a good pair of lungs. They could hear it ‘roaring’ loudly from the unit.

They’ve also spotted its head popping out of the unit window curiously.

Hear me roar: Rawrrrrrrrrrr (Image: Facebook)

The police were immediately called for and the officers arrived quickly even though some thought it was a prank.

This particular resident also took to Facebook to share updates on the incident as it happens.

In M’sia, Sun Bears Are Protected

Under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, sun bears are an endangered species and protected by the act in Malaysia.

Basically, this means that if you possess any sun bears personally, chances are you’re breaking a law.

Zarith’s arrest was confirmed by Perhilitan director-general Datuk Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim, who said that she did not present any supporting documents for “ownership of that bear”.

She was detained on Saturday, 8 June 2019 and is being investigated for possessing a protected wild animal.

A Sun Bear conservationist, Dr Wong Siew Te, called for harsher penalties to be imposed in this case.

“This baby bear was kept in an empty apartment and its mother is likely slaughtered, the authorities must handle this case like someone kidnapping a human baby.”

“I Thought It Was A Dog”

Zarith claimed that she mistook the sun bear for a dog.

Image: Giphy

According to her, she found the sun bear at night by the roadside. She thought the animal was a dog and brought it back home.

Image: NST

Okay, looking at the sun bear now, her argument could be valid.

So why did she not surrender to the authorities immediately?

Well, according to Zarith, she had wanted to surrender the animal to the authorities after it gets stronger.

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