A M’sian Actress Wore Dino Suit to Buy Groceries So She Won’t Catch the Coronavirus

Although most humans are hiding themselves away in their homes during this coronavirus outbreak, it seems like the pandemic has brought a very popular creature from the past back to life.


Okay, don’t panic. I didn’t mean literally.

Much to the amusement of many Malaysians, a few people have been spotted wearing dinosaur suits out to protect themselves from Covid-19 during the country’s lockdown.

Malaysian Actress Goes Grocery Shopping In Dino Suit

And this guy is not the only one walking around in a dinosaur suit.

A local influencer and actress, Betty Rahmad, did the same thing while she headed out to buy some groceries.

She posted a series of pictures and videos to her Instagram account, where she has 712K followers, of herself going grocery shopping in a dino suit.

Image: Instagram (@bettyrahmad)

It was also her birthday on that day, and she was hoping that she could go out and make some people smile amid all the chaos brought about by the coronavirus.

One of her posts was captioned: ” MummyDino on a mission 🦖 #covid_19  #covid_19mademedothis #socialdistancing #stayhome

She even posted a behind-the-scenes video of how she got herself into the dino suit in the first place.

However, the actress mentioned that she did not manage to get quite a number of items on her shopping list – vegetables, ginger, turmeric, onions, milk – and thus would have to go for another round of shopping.

“So it looks like tomorrow I’d have to go to another supermarket to find the things I didn’t get today. You won’t be surprised to see a dinosaur shopping again tomorrow. Gosh, why did all of you have to panic buy?” she wrote.

And she’s not the only one.

Malaysian Man Heads Out To Walk His Dog in Dino Suit

A Malaysian man from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, was spotted walking his dog on the streets while dressed in a dinosaur suit.

Pictures and a video of the man went viral on Facebook, and many netizens were amused at how he was making the best of an unfortunate situation.

Image: Facebook (Samantha Wilhelmina)

The entire country is currently on lockdown, or officially known as the Movement Control Order (MCO), and all Malaysians are advised to stay at home and only go out if completely necessary.

This man had to go out and walk his dog, and he thought of a rather funny and creative way to take full precaution while doing so.

Image: Facebook (Samantha Wilhelmina)

Fully covered from head to toe in his T-Rex suit, he ensured that he maintained social distancing while bringing his beagle out for a walk.

Both the dinosaur and the dog are equally as adorable.

Malaysia Remains On Lockdown 

Honestly, it’s rather nice to see people still finding ways to keep themselves and those around them entertained during a crisis like this.

Now, even I feel motivated to go and get myself a dinosaur suit. 

Malaysia will continue to remain on lockdown all the way until 14 Apr 2020, although it was initially supposed to end on 31 Mar.


However, since the situation has not gotten any better yet, the government decided that it would be best to extend it.

The country currently has 1,796 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 20 deaths. A total of 199 patients have recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

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