M’sian Firefighter Rescues 10YO & Prevents Her From Jumping 19 Floors To Her Death

Have you ever had a really huge fight with your family?

Perhaps because you’re growing up and trying to be more like an adult but your parents find it difficult to accept so they try to restrict you in all ways?

Yep, we all have that phase in life.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go very well after an argument occurred between this mother and daughter in Malaysia.

What Happened

On Saturday, 6 October, a ten-year-old girl from Larkin, Johor fought with her mother over the amount of time she spent on her mobile phone, and she had enough.

Probably as a means to rebel, she climbed over the window in their 19th storey apartment and stood on the 60cm ledge just outside her room.

She then threatened to jump.

Heck, if I had done that, my mom would have pulled me in so quick and whooped my ass so hard I wouldn’t even think of opening the window again.

Rescue Team Was Prepared

A distress call was sent out at 4pm, presumably by the girl’s mother and 19 firefighters were dispatched out to the scene. They quickly set up an air cushion on the ground and a rope from the 20th floor.

In the meantime, one firefighter was sent to talk to the girl and persuade her not to jump.

A video was posted by Facebook page Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS and we can hear him patiently trying to coax the girl into coming back in.

He said: “It’s okay. I’ve already scolded your mother, you can come with me. She has already apologised and besides, it’s too high here. Come with me? I’ll treat you to something. Your mother scolded you because she loves you. Don’t cry and come back inside, okay?”

After 15 minutes, the girl finally listened and put her hand in so that the firefighter could rescue her.

She was later brought to the first floor to meet the chief of the operation and was also brought to the police for further actions.

Image: Harian Metro

She definitely gave her mother a scare when she threatened to jump 19 floors to her death.

If you really feel that certain things are unfair, try having a talk with your parents about it. Showing that you are in control of your emotions and being capable to have a mature discussion with them may even move things to be in your favour because they will see how you are handling things like an adult.

Our parents love us and they scold us because they’re concerned about certain issues. Have a mature discussion and maybe you will be able to reach a compromise.

Also, if you are having suicidal thoughts or know someone who does, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Samaritans of Singapore. You can call their 24-hour helpline at 1800 221 4444.


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