M’sian Girl Spends S$1,370 Of BF’s Salary In 2 Weeks On Food; Say It’s Not Enough To Sustain Her

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A question I often wonder but rarely keep track of sometimes goes like the following.

“How much do I spend on food every month?”

Image: stockcreations / Shutterstock.com

I am guilty of eating extra meals or spending on ‘atas’ food sometimes though.

Then there are times where my parents make delicious homecooked meals and I can simply enjoy that.

Thanks, mom!

However, rarely do I know someone who spends over a thousand dollars on food in two weeks.

Your Wallet Bleeds From Reading This

Worst part, imagine if someone else spent that amount of money and it was yours.

A man took the chance to ask for relationship advice on UTAR Confessions regarding such a situation.

I know. It’s a confessions page and could be fake but check out this guy’s post.

#UC51558 自从有了女朋友后 和女朋友吃一餐打底也要Rm100, 一天3餐就用了300, 2个星期吃3餐就花了我一个月工资了。女朋友却吵着要和我分手,说我给她的不够多。我觉得人类很现实很可笑,难道要月入过万的人才有资格谈恋爱吗?📍 youtube : https://youtu.be/adpy4PuGizU

Posted by UTAR Confessions on Thursday, 5 December 2019

Rough translation time.

The man starts off by saying that ever since he got a girlfriend, he has been spending around S$33 on meals with her.

In one day, there are three meals, so he needs to spend about S$99 a day.

Image: Giphy

People don’t even spend S$99 on meals per week sometimes!


What’s worse is that this has been going on every day for two weeks.

With the power of math, you will probably realise that the dude has lost around S$1,372 on food alone.

The girl even has the audacity to threaten to break up with him because he apparently cannot provide enough for her.

Image: knowyourmeme

I think I should also mention that the amount mentioned above is all of the dude’s salary.

A quick note that if you date someone like this, they’re obviously gold-digging and you should break up immediately. It’s a huge red flag.


Dissatisfied Comments

I mean, we know at this point “dissatisfied” isn’t the word you use to describe this situation.

Some were straight-up furious.

Image: Facebook (UTAR Confessions)

This one told him that even if he was rich, money shouldn’t be spent like that and even encouraged him to break up.

Hard agree.


Image: Facebook (UTAR Confessions)

This comment was shocked by the amount spent per meal. They even asked if his girlfriend was the kind who ate gold bars.

With a slice of sass, I like it.

Most of the other comments were similar in nature, either telling him that he deserved better or that he should just break up.

Image: Giphy


Look, there is nothing wrong with paying for your date’s meals once in a while. Heck, it’s a nice gesture!

But please remember that if they start to abuse that, you may want to reconsider a few things about that relationship.

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