M’sian Holds Grad Ceremony at Her Mother’s Wake Because of a Promise

Image: Jia Huan

It’s 16 July 2019, a lovely Tuesday and it’s also the moment you’ve been waiting for all your life:

Time-To-Cry-Your-Eyes-Out Tuesday!

GIF: Gfycat.com

Now I bet you’re wondering; what on Earth do I have in store for you? Well, do not be mistaken by my jolly tone, because this article’s gonna make you bawl your eyes out.


And so, without further ado, I present to you the following article:

M’sian Holds Grad Ceremony at Her Mother’s Wake Because of a Promise

The Norm

Now, as any graduate would surely attest to, a graduation ceremony’s almost always a picture of bliss and joy:

It’s, after all, a celebration of one’s entry into the working world alongside the accompaniment of dear family members and friends.

But here’s the thing; while that might’ve been the norm, there’ll always be exceptional cases out there:

Like Jia Huan over here, whose graduation ceremony from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) probably didn’t quite go as she had envisioned.

And if you’re wondering why, it’s actually because…

Her mother had passed away, just a little over a month before her graduation.

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Image: Jia Huan

M’sian Holds Grad Ceremony at Her Mother’s Wake Because of a Promise

One of her mother’s final wishes was to snap a family portrait at her graduation ceremony.

Perhaps something in the same vein as the following picture?

Image: 甄珍 i

Even better if they all wore matching blue outfits as well.

And so, Jia Huan tried her best to keep that promise.

Even if it meant donning the graduation gown 33 days before the actual ceremony.

For those who don’t Chinese, here’s a rough translation of Jia Huan’s Facebook caption:

“We did a graduation shoot, 33 days before the actual ceremony.

You said before that on that day everyone would only look good if the whole family wore blue. Today, we wore just that. Even though didi (younger brother) is wearing dad’s clothes, haha.

I helped you put on something blue too. I think you look way better than me in this piece of clothing. I’m not wearing UTAR’s official graduation gown, but we’ll settle for the [the makeshift graduation gown]as long it looks like it.

Mummy, your oldest kid has graduated; she graduated 33 days early.”

Now, I don’t weep easily. I don’t cry easily. I definitely don’t moan easily.

But this post?

It’s making me bawl my eyes out. Hard.

Netizens offer their condolences

The post, which was uploaded on 14 July, has since gone on to garner over 38K likes and reactions, as well as 11K comments and 4K shares.

Netizens have also offered their condolences to the grieving family.

Image: Jia Huan Facebook Page
Image: Jia Huan Facebook Page

A sad day for everyone involved, though if there’s any consolation…

It would be that they fulfilled one individual’s final wish, even at the very end.

Image: Jia Huan Facebook Page