M’sian Hypermarket Staff Flashes & Masturbates In Front Of Woman’s Car; She Films & Shares It Online

Everybody has a list of things they would never want to see in their lifetime. It ranges from the obvious, to the unimaginable, to the ones that are so downright atrocious, it’s on a whole new category of its own, the unthinkable.

On 11 October 2019, a netizen, from Ipoh, Malaysia, tweeted about an incident involving just that.

The unthinkable, in her scenario, was a hypermarket staff who was explicitly masturbating outside of her car. You read that right, a grown man pleasuring himself in public. 

Image: Twitter

Guys, we’ve got a literal wanker over here and it’s utterly nasty and nothing short of horrifying. While succumbing to one’s carnal nature is only normal, incidents like this just make me ponder on the question, “no shame meh?”

Image: Giphy

Moving on, she recorded her 21-second encounter which took place at the Hypermart’s car park. Imagine The Shining Twins, Naked Man version. 

This gathered a mix of reactions from over 7,000 netizens who shared their sentiments over the incident. 

Image: Twitter

Many have also identified the location of the hypermarket.

Image: Twitter

When questioned why she didn’t just honk to scare the culprit off, she explained that she thought of the video footage as a means of evidence to support her claim.

This was to ensure that proper actions will be taken against the hypermart employee to avoid the reoccurrence of such incidents. Her response has since been taken down. 

One of her followers have since surfaced with the information that stated that the man in the video is mentally challenged and requested for the video to be taken down so he could continue working in the hypermart.

It is uncertain as to whether further actions have been taken against the man in question.

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