M’sian Influencer Said Girls Who Wear Size M Are Fat: Allegedly Deleted IG After Backlash


Hey, you there. What size shirts do you usually wear? Size “M”? Well, buddy, you’re fat.

I’m joking.

Goodness, how can anyone think that way? That’s just ridiculous. But sadly, someone actually believes in that. Someone influential.

In an Instagram story that went viral recently, a Malaysian influencer made the bold statement that if you’re size “M”, you’re fat. And not just that.

Size “S” is actually size “M”. So if you’re wearing a size 6 or “S”, you’re fat.

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Here, let me show you what she posted.

Image: China Press

She tries to justify her statement by saying that in Asia, every size should be one size bigger. “S” equals to “M”, and “M” equals to “L”.

So if you’re a size M, you’re actually an “L”, and that in her eyes, it is a sin. Obesity is a sin.

She goes on to ask people to lose weight, which in all honestly, isn’t wrong (if for the right reasons, like health). The way she says it though, is what rubbed me the wrong way.

“Stop eating and move your ass to the gym already”.

Holy cow.

Quite predictably, netizens blew up when this post went viral. I mean, unsolicited advice isn’t often well appreciated, let alone advice… like this.

And when netizens unleashed, they did some Sherlock-ing and managed to dig out a ton of information about her. Or should I say, misinformation.

Image: China Press

This is her by the way.

This lady is apparently a piano teacher and ballet instructor, and her credentials came under fire when netizens speculated that one of her more recent piano certification was forged.

See for yourself.

Image: China Press

After receiving some criticism about her piano playing, our influencer sent a photo of her certification and emphasised that it is through hard work that she can juggle her piano with her work as a social media influencer and fitness.

Image: China Press

However, the internet detectives managed to prove that the certification did not belong to her as her name was not among the Malaysian certificate holders listed on the musical institution’s website.

Image: China Press

Netizens are scary when riled up.

And guess what?

She has taken her Instagram account down in light of all the fiery criticism.


Honestly, I have three simple takeaways from this incident.

  1. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what you look like. You can choose to go on diets or lose weight, but the most important thing is to be healthy and be happy!
  2. Don’t lie and try to cover up mistakes. It’s better to be honest and be aware of what you put up on the Internet. Because the Internet never forgets, and it is unforgiving.
  3. Netizens are scary. *shudders*
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