M’sian Influencer Tried Starting a ‘Don’t Pay’ Challenge; Gets Whacked on Internet Instead

Image: Instagram

Challenges are the in thing nowadays.

You have people trying to do the mannequin challenge.

The Floor is Lava challenge.

And thousands more.

So, yes. Challenges are supposed to be fun and, you know, non-nuisance-y.

Malaysian Influencer Decides To Create His Own Challenge

Across the causeway in our neighbouring country of Malaysia, an influencer with over 78.7k followers decide to try and create his own challenge.

And he finally chanced upon one he thinks will go viral.

The Jangan Bayar challenge. Or, in English, the ‘don’t pay’ challenge.

Just as the name states, you walk up to a store, order and take the stuff you want, and walk away saying “jangan bayar” when the cashier asks for payment.

Kind of like this.

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Challenge terbaru, Tag kawan korang ! #zairulbuathal #jarangtakbuathal

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Purchase something.

The cashier asks for payment.

Then, someone (typically the cameraman in the video) says, Jangan Bayar.

The person then smiled at the cashier and walk away.

Cue dumbstruck calls of bro, bro, bro or just a shocked expression.

Unfortunately, The Challenge Didn’t Take Off The Way He Wants

Image: Twitter

Netizens weren’t amused at what he has done.

Because in a nutshell, it’s called stealing.

While another netizen took offence at their action. How can you be proud of stealing?

He wondered how a father gets jailed for stealing to feed his kids while this dude can get away with calling it a “challenge”.

The netizen even took the effort to screen through the comments section and the influencer allegedly claimed that he eventually did not pay for the meal.

Image: Twitter

Besides the stealing component, netizens aren’t really happy because he’s an influencer with over 78 thousand followers.

Which means, his actions might just encourage more “robberies” in the country.

So He Changed His Tune Immediately

In a 180-degree change, the influencer said that the video was, in fact, done for fun.

He claimed that he had already paid for the food beforehand and got their permission to shoot before going ahead.

“They are all my friends. We already paid for our items before filming. We asked for their (the staff’s) permission before going ahead with the video.”

He said that he made the video because he thought it’ll be entertaining for his followers and apologised for not clarifying on what really happened.

What do you think? Overreaction or just influenza in action?