M’sian Man Couldn’t Recognise Date Cuz Of Picture Filters; Says She Cheated Him

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As a child, my dear mum would often tell me this:

“Never trust what you see in pictures, my child,” she would rasp. “All that smooth skin and pearly white teeth and exceptional Korean-like eyes? Filters. So be careful, my child. Do not get catfished. Ever.”

“But Mum, it might run in the genes…” I mustered.

“What do you mean?” she looked at me concernedly. “Could it be that you have trouble discerning things like your great-great-great-great-grandfather Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the Tenth?”

“No, Mum…” I mumbled. “I mean…”

“Dad got catfished too, didn’t he?”

Suffice it to say; I clocked my fastest ever 100m sprint after that.


Now, the introductory paragraph might be a fluff-filled one, but the gist remains true:

Catfishes are prevalent, and I’m not just talking about the gill-strapped ones.

How catfishes look in pictures. Image: Mobile Cuisine

How they actually look like in real life. Image: SaaStr

Indeed, with an ever-progressing array of technological tools catered to serve a catfish’s most incessant need, this legendary species has only proved to be a thriving one. Whether it’s Tinder, OkCupid or even some lupsup application like Ah Hock’s Dating Services…

These picture-perfect entities have conquered them all.

But of course, I’m not insinuating that there’s anything wrong with catfishing. Everyone wants to look good in pictures, after all. But still…

Reality’s that fiction will never be reality, no matter how much you want it to be.

M’sian Man Couldn’t Recognise Date Cuz Of Picture Filters; Says She Cheated Him

And the harsh truth here? Any date you might land on those dating apps would be expecting the virtual you…


And not the real you, as the date of this particular user would’ve surely learnt the hard way.

According to World Of Buzza Twitter user started a thread to document just how “horrendous” his first date was. According to the report, this particular guy had gone for a first date at Starbucks, which had been suggested by his date.

Having endured a “tiring” bus ride to the mall, we learn that he’s unaware of Starbuck’s retail prices.

Well, he’s in for a shock then.

Once he reached the mall, the Twitter user shared how he couldn’t locate the girl, even after combing the area a whopping 3-4 times. And so our protagonist proceeded to get a drink…

Only to be mortified by the prices.


Well, everyone goes through that initial state of shock, I guess.

After much deliberation, however, he sucked it up and settled for an RM16 drink, leaving a mere change of RM4. Apparently, he only brought RM20 for his first date.

Well, okay.

And thus the treasure hunt starts, as he starts looking for the potential gem of his life.

It didn’t proceed as smoothly as he thought.


“As I was looking for her, I realised that I walked past her four times and didn’t realise it.”

And the reason for this lapse of the classic ‘cock-eye’ syndrome?

“Once I called her, only then I saw her and got a shock as her face and her Whatsapp profile picture were completely different!!”

Well, the cat’s out of the bag.

Thereafter, he continued to whine that he felt cheated and had wasted RM20, and how the girl’s filter proved too much and that her actual appearance was not what he expected at all. To end off, he said that it was okay to use filters, but advised people to have a limit.


He Starts Getting Called Out

After the Twitter user’s no-holds-barred account of his first date, Netizens turned up in droves.

And unlike the hordes that scour SammyBoy and TheHardwareZone, these Netizens proved too cultural-minded to side with him.

Image: Twitter

“Actually dates are not only to see one’s looks but to get to know their personality. Looks are a bonus, if you’re not pretty but rich, you can always be attractive, however, if you’re pretty but don’t have a good heart, there’s no point actually. This must be from playing Tinder.”

Image: Twitter


“This thread is useless. Even the lesson is wrong, it should be to not date a man like this, not ‘don’t date a girl like that’.”

Image: Twitter

“I hope (emotionally) weak girls never have to encounter these types of humans ever.”

Well, they do have a point, but even so, I feel it pertinent to add that in the end…

Dating apps thrive on looks.


Sure, you might have the personality, but that’s not gonna shine through in your dating profile. Nope. So really, that links back to my previous point:

“Everyone wants to look good in pictures, after all. But still…

“Reality’s that fiction will never be a reality, no matter how much you want it to be.”

And let’s face it; if a guy catfishes, I really doubt that the girl will be tolerant enough to stomach his antics too.

It’s just gender equality, guys. Though of course, the Twitter user was admittedly kind of in the wrong to advertise it on social media as well. And so, the moral of the story here?


Watch where you situate that rod, and even if you really reel in a catfish…

Have enough class to release it gently back into the waters, where it’s free to find a fisherman who appreciates it for what it is.

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