M’sian Man Offers Himself As Test Subject For New Chemotherapy So Others Won’t Suffer

There are few acts that I have heard of that show greater heroism than these.

Such as saving someone from a fire, risking your life to save someone, and being a volunteer subject of chemo tests so that others need not suffer.

The last one is exactly what this man did.

Stage 4 Cancer Patient Volunteered So Others Won’t Suffer

Recently, a daughter’s tweet went viral after she posted about her father’s unsung heroism.

Knowing he was going to pass on anyway, a certain Malaysian patient with Stage 4 cancer decided to sacrifice himself volunteering for a new chemotherapy test that doctors were developing for cancer patients.

Earlier, his doctors had warned him of the side effects and his wife and daughter both had discouraged him. The doctors gave him a long list of possible aftermaths that could result from the new chemotherapy.

However, as with any new medical procedure being developed, the doctors needed a test subject. The man’s incurable disease made him suitable as one.

Image: Twitter

However, a day after his daughter discouraged him from participating, the man took it upon himself to go for the chemotherapy.

When his daughter Vanessa managed to reach him at last, her father replied:

“I want to know if this chemo will work. If it works, then I will be the living proof that there’s a cure for cancer. If not, then it’s okay that I have to sacrifice myself to prove that the doctors need to do better. I don’t want other people to die.”

Let’s pause a moment to reflect: have you ever come across another act more heroic, or equal to this?

The Allergies Set In

The Superman of Cancer Survivors went on to do more chemotherapy, after which the allergic reactions the doctors had forewarned, set in. In spite of that, his positive attitude could not be surpassed.

He died on 16 January 2016, leaving behind his family.

Our condolences to Vanessa and her family.

Your father is a rock and a shining beacon for all cancer survivors whose selflessness will move mountains in the field of chemotherapy research and curing others.


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