M’sian Man Pays For Another Child’s Kindergarten Grad Photo As Father Couldn’t Afford It

Somewhere in your house is a framed photograph of you as a child during your kindergarten graduation.

Somewhere in the dusty cabinets containing long-forgotten home videos are footages of you dancing to ABBA… During the same graduation.

Image: Tumblr

It can’t be just me… Is it really just me? That’s embarrassing.

It was only back then that even the ugliest of portraits was rejoiced over by parents. Is this just me again? No? Of course not. It’s a staple memorabilia and a must-have for every family mantlepiece.

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This was exactly why Twitter user @akuskizo helped out a man who could not afford to pay for his son’s graduation portrait… Well not really.

Asked if the Boy Wanted to Take Pictures 

The twitter user named Irwan documented the whole account on a thread on Twitter.

Image: Twitter (@akuskizo)

According to the series of tweets, Irwan had been attending his son’s graduation ceremony. When the ceremony ended, the children and their parents were instructed to head backstage to get their portraits taken.

Soon after he had paid to get his son’s picture taken, a man walked in with a child and asked for the price of the cheapest package. The man was told that it would cost RM20 (S$6.27).

Realising that he could not afford the fee, the man dejectedly walked out of the venue. Irwan followed after them. It was then that he overheard the man explaining to his child that he could not afford the packages.

Irwan then approached the man and his child. He asked the boy if he wanted to have his picture taken like all his other friends and offered to pay for the package.

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The boy’s father declined but Irwan insisted saying that his boy was friends with the man’s son.

Image: Twitter (@akuskizo)

How touching…

I’ve Been Through it, I Understand

According to World of Buzz, upon the boy’s father explaining his predicament, Irwan assured him that it was okay as he had been through the same rough patch.

Image: Gfycat

Grateful and touched from his act of kindness, the man gave Irwan a hug. When asked what he did for a living, he shared that he worked as a welder.

He explained that he had a job to attend to after the ceremony and had borrowed a motorbike from his boss, especially for his son’s convocation.

Irwan left the man a few parting words:

“You’re still young, keep working for the sake of your family. This is all just a phase and if you work really hard, these days the seem butter to you right now will be sweet in the future.”

Image: Gfycat


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