M’sian Reportedly Electrocuted To Death After Sleeping With Earphones On While Charging Phone

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As a young boy growing up, my mum has constantly told me one thing:

“Boy, don’t you ever to sleep with your earpiece on while charging your phone.”

She was right all along.

What happened?

According to a report by Sinar Harian, a 16-year-old student, identified as Mohd. Aidil Azzahar Zaharin, was recently discovered dead in his home at Kampung Gaing Baru Pedas, Negeri Sembilan while he was sleeping.

Image: Video Viral Malaysia – Tangkap Muat Ja Facebook Page

And the cause?

Death by electrocution.

But wait, what happened exactly?

Well, this is the rough gist:

On Monday (4 December), the boy’s mother had left for work at around 7.45 a.m. and saw Aidil lying on the floor of the bedroom. Like all mothers, she probably thought that her son had been playing around a bit too much and keeled from exhaustion, and thus thought that he was merely asleep. She henceforth left him to his own devices and proceeded to head to work.

Thereafter, she went home during lunchtime, and realised that for some reason her son was still in the same position in his room. As any mother would, she proceeded to wake him up.

To no avail.

And that’s not all either; his body actually felt cold to the touch.

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Sensing something amiss, she contacted a nearby clinic, and a medical officer rushed over to the house to check on the boy. That was when it was confirmed:

The boy had actually passed away hours earlier.

After a quick body check, it was determined that save for his left ear, which was bleeding and had burn marks, there were no signs of bruises or wounds.

“It is believed that the victim was wearing the earphones that were connected to the charging smartphone that was beside him,” district police chief Deputy Superintendent Anuar Bakri Abdul Salam said.

According to Aidil’s brother, he had felt a slight electrical shock when he attempted to switch off the electrical outlet. Suspicions were confirmed when post-mortem reports from the Seremban Tuanku Jaafar Hospital returned, showing that the victim had indeed passed from electrocution.

So the moral of the story?

It might be hard to grasp the moral grain in other articles, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get this one:

Don’t listen to your earphones while charging your phone.

I mean sure; you might’ve done it before, and you’re clean as a whistle, but hey…

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ exists.

So play safe, and don’t let your parents face the grief Aidil’s mother is undoubtedly dealing with right now.

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