Malaysian Who Drank at Least 2 Soft Drinks Every Day Almost Loses Arm


Last Updated on 2022-09-24 , 6:33 pm

I’m sure that all of us are already quite aware that too much sugar is bad for us.

You’ve probably heard over and over again by now, from your parents, teachers, and even your doctors, that it’s very important to control how much sugar you take in.

But sometimes, it’s just so hard to resist, isn’t it? If you have a sweet tooth like me, I’m sure you can’t help but crave a sweet drink or a dessert once in a while.

And that’s fine. As long as you don’t overdo it.

But how much sugar is too much sugar?

Man Almost Lost His Arm Due To Diabetes

Firstly, you could start off by trying not to drink soft drinks every single day. Unless you want to risk losing your entire arm.


Well, it’s possible. And it has almost happened before.

A 56-year-old man Malaysian man ended up almost losing his arm because he had been drinking too many soft drinks.

Mohd Razin Mohamed, who lives in Bukit Sentosa, Rawang, suffered from a skin infection that caused the skin on his shoulder, arm, and back to be removed due to diabetes.


If he had not gotten treatment when he did, he could have lost his entire arm.

At Least Two Cans Of Soft Drinks Per Day

According to Harian Metro, Razin first started having diabetes when he was 40 years old. This was because of his excessive consumption of soft drinks.

He said that he would buy at least two cans of carbonated drinks every day without considering the health effects of consuming too much sugar.

Okay, I’m sure some of us are guilty of doing this as well. Having a soft drink with every meal may not have seemed like such a big deal at first, but now you know that it’s definitely time to cut down.

Image: Harian Metro

“I only found out I had diabetes after finding ants around the place where I was peeing. After that, I went to the clinic and the doctor advised me to get treatment at the hospital,” said Razin.

He Managed To Receive Treatment In Time 

Razin’s condition got even worse when there was a boil on his back that did not heal for months. The blister was initially the size of a thumb – but it ended up getting bigger and bigger until it resembled the size of a palm.

Warning: the picture is pretty disturbing.

Image: Harian Metro

Luckily, he managed to receive treatment at Sungai Buloh hospital before it was too late. Failure to do so might have led to him losing his entire arm.

“The impact of the surgery makes it difficult for me to raise my right arm and the pain in my back is caused by uneven skin,” said Razin.

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He needs to continue receiving follow-up treatment to ensure that his condition doesn’t get worse again, like taking medication to control the sugar content in his body.


“Regret is no longer useful. This is the result of having too much sugar.”

You heard the man. It’s better to cut down sugar from your diet now, instead of regretting your life decisions years later when you’re lying on a hospital bed.

Featured Image: Harian Metro