M’sians’ Wedding Dinner That Served Chicken Rice Gets Netizens’ Approval


Anyone who says their wedding was the happiest day in their life has obviously never had a plate of chicken rice.

If you’re Singaporean, you’re probably familiar with the country’s national dish. But if you’ve somehow managed not to try it despite it being sold at every single hawker centre in the country, here’s a brief description of what it is.

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It’s basically some slices of chicken served with rice.

Reader: Gee thanks

Hey, I did say I’d be brief.

Chicken Rice is so popular because it’s simple yet irresistibly delectable. Juicy slices of chicken are served with rice that has been cooked in chicken broth and seasoned with garlic and ginger. And when you top it off when that dark soya sauce and red chilli, you’re in gastronomic heaven.

So, when one Malaysian found the delicious dish at a wedding reception, he was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

M’sians’ Wedding Dinner That Served Chicken Rice Gets Netizens’ Approval

If you’ve been to a few weddings, you’d know that it’s usually only fun for the two people getting hitched.

But it often has good food. Really good food.

Malaysian YouTuber Dan Khoo recently shared a post on Facebook detailing a wedding he recently attended.

The wedding, unlike most weddings, had a surprising addition to the menu.

In his post, Khoo says he “highly approved” the wedding because it served something he’s never seen at other weddings.

Image: Facebook (Dan Khoo)

Chicken Rice.

Image: Facebook (Dan Khoo)

And it wasn’t just any Chicken Rice, according to Khoo, it was “super nice chicken rice”.

I see a food critic in the making.

“This chicken rice is super nice” – Dan Khoo, 2019


He even gave the dish an 11/10, to the outrage of mathematicians everywhere. Khoo’s elation might seem a bit much to those who’ve never tried Chicken Rice, but many people clearly feel the same way because the post has been shared over 3,000 times.

Netizens’ Response

Netizens were as amazed as Khoo that the couple chose to serve Chicken Rice at their wedding.

Image: Facebook (Dan Khoo)
Image: Facebook (Dan Khoo)

One went a bit too far.

Image: Facebook (Dan Khoo)

It’s unclear where the wedding was held, but we’re glad that Khoo enjoyed Singapore’s national dish so much.


Whole of Malaysia: *gasps* What did you just say?

OK, I’m not about to get into the debate over where Chicken Rice originated (because that question has already been answered and it’s Singapore).

Let’s just agree that it’s a mouthwatering dish that should be served at every Singaporean and Malaysian’s wedding from now on.

I know I’ll certainly be serving it at mine.

Malaysia: Too bad no one will every marry you.

Well played, Malaysia. Well played.