Mum Couldn’t Recognise Her Daughter Who Returned to M’sia After 735 Days in S’pore

For many of us working abroad, nothing feels better than returning home and going straight into the arms of our loved ones.

But sometimes, it’s nice to approach it with a twist just to see how they react.

Malaysian Woman Returned Home Disguised as Brother’s Girlfriend

Recently, Facebook user Xiao Xiao Hui posted a video documenting her journey home after being unable to travel from Singapore to Malaysia for almost two years.

And instead of letting the whole family know that she was going home, the only person who knew was her brother.

According to China Press, Wu Xiao Hui, 36, had initially told her family that she wasn’t able to get a ticket to go home via the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL).

However, she ended up being able to buy a ticket to go home on the fifth day of Chinese New Year (5 February).

She decided to surprise her parents and hence chose not to tell them that she would be returning.

You can watch the now-viral video, which has garnered over 948,000 views, 50,000 reactions and 2,400 comments on Facebook here.

Disguised with a mask and cap, she was seen trying to introduce herself to her brother’s family in the video, claiming that she was his girlfriend.

Image: Facebook (Xiao Xiao Hui)

When her mother looked confused, she even asked her brother, “Didn’t you tell your mum about me?”

Mother Didn’t Recognise Her

Well, the most entertaining part of the video was probably the older woman trying to figure out who this lady was, without even realising that it was her own daughter.

Image: Facebook (Xiao Xiao Hui)

Throughout the video, Wu’s mother kept asking, “Who are you?” and tried to awkwardly strike up a conversation while being extremely puzzled.

Sounds like me whenever I see anyone in public, TBH.

Wu and her brother continued to giggle and beat around the bush as they tried to get their mother to recognise her.

Her mother even said, “I know he said that he has a girlfriend, but I don’t know who it is!”

Father Recognised Her Immediately

On the other hand, Wu’s father recognised her immediately once he saw her.

Image: Facebook (Xiao Xiao Hui)

Once her father walked out to the living room and saw his daughter, he started pointing his finger knowingly at her and smiled as he approached her.

At the same time, Wu’s mother was still asking her husband, “She’s Ah Shun’s (Wu’s brother) girlfriend, who is she?”

However, her question did not require an answer as father and daughter pulled each other into an embrace.

They then moved towards her mother and enveloped her in a hug while she removed Wu’s cap and finally realised that she was talking to her daughter all this while.


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Upon seeing her parents cry, Wu also mentioned to China Press, “I felt really heartbroken to see my parents cry, but I’m so glad that I finally get to come home and see them after so long!”

In the comments section, many netizens also expressed how touched they were, and that they shed a few tears themselves too.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Xiao Xiao Hui)