Mum Grabbed Toddler Who Was Falling from Ledge While Still Holding on to Her Phone

Image: YouTube (CCTV World)


I would like to think that I have pretty fast reflexes. This probably explains why I enjoy shooting zombies and villains at arcades, and how fast I alt-tab when I hear my boss coming out of his office.

But fast enough to grab a toddler who’s falling off a ledge, and still manage to hold on to my dear phone?

Definitely not.

But one supermom has done it and of course it has to go viral.

Supermom’s Fast Reaction Saved Her Child’s Life

According to AsiaOne, a mother (secretly Flash in disguise) in Colombia saved her baby from falling off a balcony ledge in the nick of time, get this – with one hand.

First reported by El Espectador, the incident occurred on the fourth floor of the Laureles Colonial building within Medellin on 19 June 2019 (Wednesday).

According to a CCTV footage circulating online, the woman exited the elevator with one hand holding her phone and the other holding onto her child.

Seconds later, she released her grip on her son who then approached the railing, bent down, lost his balance and fell.


All in a second.

Right then, the woman’s spidey senses peaked as she threw herself on the floor to grab his ankle. She first held onto his ankle with one hand before putting her phone down to pull him to safety with both hands.

Thankfully, others seemed to have heard her cry for help and rushed to offer their assistance. Especially helmet who went straight for the stairs after recovering from the shock.

Some netizens commended the mother for reacting fast while others felt that it was a flaw in the construction of the building.

A handful also mentioned that she should have been more attentive to her child instead of talking on the phone.

Either way, a crisis was averted.

Different cultures are set apart from different parenting styles. However, it seems that parents around the world have one thing in common – superhuman reflexes. Yes, dads and moms are on par in this category.

Here’s a clip of dads saving their children in the blink of an eye; faster than you can spell wow.

Honestly, I just hope in future when I have my own children, Mr Flash would bestow his power of speed upon me to be a supermom too.

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