myCK Has an Online Store With Affordable Produces & Even Free Shipping

I’m pretty sure most of us living in Singapore are familiar with myCK.

Otherwise, where have you been all your life?


For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a shop where you can get essentials like soaps, detergents or even toilet paper.

In more recent times, maybe you’ve even stopped by for masks and hand sanitisers.

However, as with a lot of shops during Circuit Breaker, most of their outlets have temporarily closed.

The only ones that are open now are the Woodlands St.31 and Yishun Ring Road outlets.

But don’t we all sometimes dream of a cheaper bottle of shampoo when we walk into a supermarket?

Online Shop

Lucky for us, myCK has actually been back for a while. Just not physically.

It’s time to whip out those credit cards.

Because myCK now has an online shop registered under Shopee.

Announced on their Facebook page back on 21 May, the shop sells pretty much the same items as they do in their physical stores.

Barring food items, sadly. You can’t have too much in an online shop, I suppose.

Still, they’re doing well enough to have perfect ratings so far!

Image: Shopee (myCK)

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Online shopping happens in a few phases. Buying from myCK online is probably going to be similar.

The first thing you’ll notice is that a lot of items are being sold in bundles.

In fact, almost all their products are sold in sets.

Image: Shopee (myCK)

You nod your head slowly, only to discover the next thing that catches your eye: discounted prices.

Now your hand is likely, albeit hesitantly, reaching for your wallet.

Then you see the last thing that becomes an immediate deal-breaker.

Free shipping.

Just don’t forget to actually sign up an account for Shopee first before anything.

Image: Giphy

It’s probably even more important than we think.

Sure, it’s going to be phase two soon and some of us can head back out but what about those that still have to work from home?

These people now have the privilege of shopping for essentials while still being safe in their rooms.

Sounds like an absolute win-win, to be honest.

Still, if you rather wait for the physical myCK shop to reopen, that’s fine too.


They replied to such an inquiry on a Facebook post that confirms their reopening.

Image: Facebook (myCK)

Hopefully, all of the myCKs stores can reopen smoothly. Until then, online shopping might be a good alternative as well!

Though physical stores mean I can sneakily buy another bubble tea or two. 

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