Mysterious Netizen Shares Heartwarming Opinion About The Service Industry in S’pore on BK Review

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Not much is known about Facebook user Gwyneth Yap.

No information is available on her “Timeline”, “About”, “Friends” and “Photos”, and all we have is a mysterious photo of her silhouette.

Image: Facebook/Gwyneth Yap

But hey, hell does she have a point to make regarding the service industry, empathy, patience and Burger King.

The Post

On 27 March 2019, Gwyneth “Recommended” Burger King Singapore, and with it, a lengthy but truly heartfelt post about the service industry.

She basically starts off acknowledging that she has empathy for people who work in service industry jobs.

Hell, I would know, for I was once in a service role and trust me, you would rather meet Hades in a Yishun back-alley past midnight than to suay suay serve an entitled, foul-mouth and illogical customer.

She then saliently points out that when food is served slow and/or if an order is wrong, multiple parties are responsible for it and it isn’t only down one staff for whom might be at the receiving end of a customers’ chiding.

I mean, who isn’t guilty of this? I am for sure.


The Individuals in the Service Industry

It was highlighted that people in the service industry come from different backgrounds and potentially different and perhaps challenging circumstances.

On the other hand, Gwyneth proceeds to categorize the types of customers ranging from “indecisive” ones to the type that changes “his mind and orders another one”.

In effect, Gwyneth seems to be encouraging customers, us, to hold up a mirror unto ourselves, to see and reflect if we’ve also once contributed to some form of hold up in line or unpleasant incidents.

But she too suggests that there are some empathizing customers who ask “how are you?” to counter staff.

Her Own Personal Experience

In coming down to the personal, Gwyneth shares that she has had both “good and bad service” experience in Burger King, but has always chosen to “shrug it off” as she is full of “empathy” and “admiration” for people who work in the service industry.

She concludes her post by sharing that she’s a fan of Burger King’s Ultimate Selection.

And that the most important thing from a meal is to have one’s craving and hunger satisfied.

And in calling Burger King’s staff “precious”, the Goody Feed Woman of the Month award goes to Gwyneth Yap.

Here’s the full post:

For which Burger King has also responded in kind:

Image: Facebook/Gwyneth Yap

Whoever you are, thank you, Gwyneth.



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