Namewee Has a ‘Bojio’ Song That Can Be Used When Friends Bojio

Image: Facebook (Namewee 黃明志)

Sick of your friend constantly bojio-ing you, whether it’s to the movies, cinemas or the toilet cubicle?

Or heavens forbid; are you the dude on the other side of the equation, who delights in never jio-ing people to your fun-filled sashimi parties?

Well, no matter which kind of archetype you are, Malaysian YouTuber Namewee got you covered.

And what more appropriate way for the entertainer to express his views on the global-shaking issue of Bojio-ing, than a song?

With some top-notch autotune, no less.


So basically, the song starts out with Namewee (alongside four banana-clad bufflords) serenading the audience with a bunch of world-saving lyrics that go something like this:

You’re partying at home. 


Watching DVD together.


Two people went for coffee. Kaya with Roti.

Bojio Bojio Bojio Bojio

Peter Tay meets a Genie who helps him wipe off three of his past mistakes. You won’t have expected what he wished for for his third wish. Watch it here:

And then the song just kind of keeps up the catchy, rhythmic balance until the chorus, where Namewee showcases his powerhouse vocal talents that are definitely 100% authentic and 0% autotune.



Watch the video down below:

哈! Bojio的下場! Namewee 黃明志Apps廣告舞曲【JioJioMe】

Next time you can show your friend your dance when he BOJIO! “招財貓”的舞步你會跳了嗎? 老實說要我在那麼多專業舞者中間跳舞真的很尷尬… 感覺好像在做老人復健XD 趕快下載! 本年度最強的約砲Apps, 不對, 是約泡茶… Fast fast download Jiojiome APPS : Referral code: "NAMEWEE"to get free 10JCASH !!! 不要講我 Bojio !!! JiojioMe – Jio Technologies LimitedYoutube Jiojiome Hi-res Link高清版MV:

Posted by Namewee 黃明志 on Saturday, 14 July 2018


As it turns out, the song proved to be a hit. A viral hit.

Image: Namewee Facebook Page

With over 2.2K shares to date, it makes you wonder:

Just how many people have experienced this grievous phenomenon we know only as the ‘BOJIO’ CONSPIRACY?

Though to be fair, majority actually dug the song for its beat.

Image: Namewee Facebook Page

The world is a beautiful place.

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If you, like me, thought that the song’s just one of Namewee’s many creative renditions, well…

It’s not. Not really anyway.

See, the song’s actually composed not for Namewee’s personal channel, but for mobile app JioJioMe.And true to its name, it’s an app situated all around the physics-defying laws of Jioing.

Just look at its app description.

Image: jiojio,io

Transcript (in case your friend never jio you buy glasses):

“To create and operate the first decentralized token for a social app that connects users via interest to disrupt and thrive within the current retail industry, offering users perks and promotions at no cost and enabling users to earn tokens for sharing. Fueled by Blackchain technology, the revenue that our ad platform will generate will payout in JCASH. We will share extra advertising revenue with our users through the issuance of JCASH directly to their wallet.”

*End of transcript*

See, I didn’t lie, right?

The app’s like more jio than the word jio itself.

Incidentally, I have the app too, but it was a cool story. So I was walking on the street near Dhoby Ghaut with this really pretty girl (not virtual) when this buff-looking guy approached us like how a Pokemon game NPC would. Just when I was reaching for my poke ball, however, he took out a poster that displays the logo ‘JIOJIOME’.

And yeah. That, folks, was how I met your JioJioMe predecessor. Assuming you download it of course.

I actually still have the app on my phone, and although I haven’t used it I know there’s an $8 off Fat Boys voucher inside I could use in the near future. Additionally, there are also Grab discounts and stuff, and I reckon the app could be worth a try.

Marketing done right I’d say.

Still getting bojio’d?

Don’t worry. Just show them the song.

And make them realise how much happier the world will be if you just start jio-ing and stop bojio-ing.

Take it from me, folks. I’m a veteran in this field…

“Hey bro, wanna come with me?” Boon Hun called from the office door.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” I replied.

“Oh just going to the toilet. Wanna come hang out in a cubicle together? We can bake some nice moisty chocolate cakes together!” He smiled.


You know what, I take back my words. The world would be a much happier place if bojio still happens. 

“Eh bro I know you’re too shy to bake cakes with me, so I brought mine to show you! Wanna see – hey where are you going? The cake’s melting!”


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