Last Admin of ‘SG Nasi Lemak’ Telegram Group Pleads Guilty; Ran Away After Seeing Photographers

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Remember the good old days when the words “Nasi Lemak” just reminded you of the Malay dish every Singaporean ate, with the fragrant pandan rice and sambal ikan bilis?

And then everything had to be ruined by that thrice-damned SG Nasi Lemak chat group.

For those who don’t know: SG Nasi Lemak chat group was a chat group on Telegram that hosted and transmitted obscene photos and videos, and the majority of which involved women – including underaged girls – in Singapore. The content was often shared without the knowledge and consent of the women involved.

At its peak, the chat group had about 44,000 members.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Last of 4 Administrators of SG Nasi Lemak Chat Pleads Guilty

On Tuesday (4 May), 27-year-old Leonard Teo Min Xuan finally admitted to his role as one of the administrators running the SG Nasi Lemak chat group.

He pleaded guilty to offences, including one charge of transmission of obscene material through electronic means.

According to CNA, Teo’s lawyer Ashwin Ganapathy had told District Judge Kessler Soh that Teo has a history of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), claiming that his condition contributed to his offences.

The judge has called for an assessment of Teo’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order (MTO). Should Teo be given an MTO, he would have to undergo treatment to address their mental issues in placement of jail time.

Currently, Teo has been bailed out for $10,000, and will return to court to be sentenced on 3 June.

According to Zaobao, he covered his face with a piece of white paper when he left the court, and when he realised he was being photographed without permission and possibly have his image being shared in Telegram groups, he literally ran away.

Pun, not porn, intended.

The Other Three Administrators

The four administrators of the chat group had all been arrested in an islandwide police raid back on 14 October 2019. 

The other three administrators of the chat group had pleaded guilty earlier.

Justin Lee Han Shi, then 20 years old, was the first of the four to be charged back on 16 October 2020 for possession of 462 obscene films. Two other charges, one for possessing devices containing 556 obscene pictures and the other for transmitting pornographic material, was taken into consideration. 

The second was an 18-year-old student, the youngest of the four. On 2 December 2020, he was charged for being in possession of 59 obscene films on his phone. Under the Children and Young Persons Act, he cannot be named due to being him being 17 years old, a minor, at the time of the crime. 


Both Lee and the 18-year-old were given a year’s probation for their offences. They had to perform 40 hours of community service and remain indoors from 11pm to 6am. Parents of the two also had to put up a bond of $5,000 to ensure their good behaviour during probation. 

The next was Liong Tianwei, 39, who was sentenced to nine weeks’ jail and fined $26,000 on 9 March this year. 

He had pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing obscene material, two counts of facilitating the provision of sexual services, and one count of possession of obscene films, with eight other charges being taken into consideration.

For the offence of transmitting obscene material through electronic means, one can be jailed for up to three months and fined.

For the offence of possessing obscene films, one can be sentenced up to six months’ jail, or fined at least $500 per film up to a total of $20,000, or both.

Now, we can finally remember nasi lemak as a dish instead.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

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