Everything About the Postponement of NDP 2021 Whereby Fireworks Will be Cancelled


There are three things that you can expect to take place in Singapore every year, even if we’re being attacked by aliens or everyone overdoses on bubble tea:

  1. PM Lee will give a speech in a pink shirt
  2. At least 15 fights involving drunk uncles at coffee shops will be reported
  3. The National Day Parade (NDP) will be exhibited on 9 Aug

But, believe it or not, one of these things will not happen on the day it’s supposed to.

Yes, NDP will not be celebrated on National Day.

Reader: So shouldn’t we just call it a Parade then?

NDP 2021 Postponed, Fireworks Cancelled

In 2051, the host of a trivia game show will ask a contestant the seemingly easy question: “On what day was NDP 2021 held in Singapore?”

The contestant, chuckling to himself, will answer confidently “9 Aug lah!” and lose all his money.

See, this year’s NDP will be postponed to 21 Aug so it can take place after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) ends.

As you know, this period of tightened measures kicked in yesterday (22 July) and will go on until 18 Aug, after National Day.

And if we can’t dine out in large groups during this period, it hardly makes sense to set off fireworks or have Red Lions fall from the skies, as it’ll draw crowds.

This is why both events, supposed to be held on 7 Aug and 8 Aug respectively, will be cancelled.

What’s more, the NDP rehearsal previously planned for 24 July, as well as the preview on 31 July have also been postponed.


The National Day Rally, where PM Lee delivers his annual message, will also be postponed to 29 Aug.

A ceremonial parade will be held on 9 Aug, however, in celebration of our 56th year as an independent nation.

According to the Ministry of Defence, it will be similar to the celebration last year at the Padang, but will take place at the Marina Bay floating platform instead.

A Host of Safety Measures

Even when it takes place on 21 Aug, there’ll be a slew of safety measures in place for the parade.

For one, all participants and spectators will have to be fully vaccinated. Spectators will also be required to undergo pre-event testing, as do performers before rehearsals.

Before it was postponed, tickets were said to be reserved for front liners and essential workers only.

So, if the parade does go ahead as planned, healthcare workers, teachers, transport workers, hawkers, and those in the cleaning industry, to name a few, can look forward to the celebrations.

Spectators will also be pleased to learn that they will be the only ones to receive fun packs this year.

Yes, unlike previous years, NDP fun packs won’t be distributed to every household.

Reader: This year just keeps getting worse and worse


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