NEA Releases Interim Guide on How to Clean Coronavirus-Contaminated Homes

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Noticed something interesting in the headline?

Reader Bao: What? Should it be Corona beer homes?

No, you alcoholic.

It’s the word “interim”.

The reason why NEA has to include that word is that up till today, details on how the Wuhan virus is transmitted hasn’t been set in stone yet; while we know it’s highly contagious, we don’t know whether you’ll get the virus after using the same toilet bowl as an infected person, so everything is based on current data that might not be 100% accurate.

The only confirmed guide on how to clean a coronavirus-contaminated house is this…


…and I’m sure you’d not go to that extreme.

So, without further ado…

NEA’s Interim Guide on How to Clean Coronavirus-Contaminated Homes

You can read the entire guide here, but because you’re in a Goody Feed article for our kindergarten-style English, here’s everything simplified for you.

There actually are two guides issued by NEA: one’s for non-healthcare commercial building (e.g. offices lah, shopping malls lah) and one’s for homes.

For healthcare premises, I’m sure they won’t need NEA’s help if not we’ll all be in trouble.

And since you DGAF about your office, here’s the brief guide on how to clean a house.

Now, before anything, do note that the guide’s for homes that might have been contaminated with the Wuhan virus, so it might not apply to all of us.

But hey: we’re all kiasi, and no one’s going to complain about a cleaner house, right?

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So let’s begin.

Before you start, put on a mask and gloves, and once you’re suited up, never touch your face again.

Make sure the windows are open and ensure that there’s good air ventilation.

For the floor, mop every single spot with bleach or disinfectant.

All surface area, like the toilet seat or doorknobs, that could have been touched by an infected person should be wiped with clothes that have been soaked in bleach solution or disinfectants.

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For the bed linen, wash them in a washing machine with detergent. For bedding that has been used by an infected person before, do not reuse them. Give them to someone you hate, like your boss. Call NEA at 1800-2255632 for further instructions on how to deal with those beddings.

After that, repeat the mopping once again.


Once that’s done, put all used cloths into a double-lined plastic bag and throw it away as soon as possible.

Now to the final step: remove your gloves first and wash your hands with soap. Then remove your mask and watch your hands with soap again.

Put the gloves and mask into the a double-lined plastic bag and throw it away as well.

Take a shower immediately and change your clothes. Remember to air your home after that and that’s it: you’re done.

Reader Bao: What, that’s it? Doesn’t this sound like what my mom always did every morning except that you mop the floor twice and you have to wear—


No, Reader Bao. You need a tad more effort.

Here’s an infographic done by NEA that might come in handy for you:

Nea guide wuhan virus
Image: NEA

Reader Bao: It still feels like—

Now, Ah Bao, if you’e still not convinced, you can burn your house instead lah. That one confirm different and you get to appear in the news, too.