NEA Officer Fired After He Was Seen Vaping At Golden Mile Tower Right After Issuing Summons

Ironic situations are sometimes a fascinating sight to behold.

The feeling when your lazy friend tells you to study harder is pretty eyebrow-raising.

Or when I correct my friend’s English and misuse ‘your’ and ‘you’re in an article the next day’.

Image: Giphy

Sorry editors.

There is a reason why irony and comedy sometimes go hand-in-hand; it just works!

Though in this situation, irony cost someone their job.

Viral Vaping

Sometimes, all you need is a viral video to end your career.

According to Mothership, a Facebook user by the name of Sam Sam uploaded a photo and video of a National Environment Agency (NEA) officer vaping.

Not just ant regular staff mind you.

An officer.

As of this writing, the video has over 90 likes, 108 comments, and 3900 shares.

Guess everyone loves a good sip of that irony juice.

The officer had actually been called to catch a man smoking illegally inside Golden Mile Tower on 16 November.

The first picture in the post shows him along with several others crowding around the man.

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Image: Facebook (Sam Sam)

However, the following video then revealed the same officer sitting outside the building sharing an e-cigarette with someone else.

Image: Facebook (Sam Sam)
Image: Giphy

What was equally surprising was how daring the officer was to do this out in the open.

I guess the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Netizens were both amused and upset at this situation with comments mocking and calling NEA to take action.

Booted Immediately

Luckily, NEA took action immediately.

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According to The New Paper, NEA was aware of the video and had already begun an investigation.

As expected, the man was found guilty of using a vapouriser and terminated from the company.


Justice may be sweet but the irony is the tastiest dessert of all.

Vaping in Singapore has been illegal since February 2018. Possession, use, and buying vapourisers can lead to a fine of up to S$2000.

Those caught selling, distributing, or importing vapourisers can be fined up to S$10,000, jailed for six months or both.


Being part of a big organisation requires you to maintain a certain image.

But if you go out and do silly things like this then I hope you know you’ll have to face consequences that can come from it.

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