Netflix Wins Bid To Stream New Yanxi Palace Series


C-drama fans, have you recovered from the emotional damage that the Story Of Yanxi Palace has given your poor heart yet?

Probably not.

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Well, your happiness (and misery) isn’t over just yet.

Get ready to be transported back to the imperial Yanxi Palace where danger and betrayal lurk at every corner, for there’s going to be a spin-off sequel, if you haven’t already heard.

A Whole New Story

Following the success of the hit Chinese drama Story Of Yanxi Palace, which garnered a whopping 15 billion streams and counting ever since last year when it was first aired, a spin-off series titled Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures is also on its way.

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Where the first Story Of Yanxi Palace series ends with main characters Wei Yingluo (Wu Jinyan) and Emperor Qianlong (Nie Yuan) living their “happily” ever after story after a tumultuous rollercoaster of events, the spin-off will continue the much-beloved story from the next generation.

However, Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures will focus on the daughter of Wei Yingluo and Emperor Qianlong, Princess Zhaohua (Wang Yerun) instead.

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Through the series, she will deal with the in and outs of the palace as well as a vendetta against her family. Oooo.

Remember Fu Kang An (Wang Yizhe), the son of maid Hitara Erqing?

Well, I don’t blame you if you don’t, for there are just way too many characters. Anyway, you’ll remember him now for he’s going to be Princess Zhaohua’s love interest in the spin-off. Aww.

This love story’s set to have some difficulties as well, for there will also be a Mongolian prince (Wang Yuwei) coming into the picture.


Available On Netflix

Just like the battle for dominance within Yanxi Palace, streaming services also engage in fierce competition to obtain the rights to broadcast popular series on their platforms.

Netflix emerged glorious for this particular series, and will be streaming the spin-off series even before Chinese broadcasters do – which is a feat.

And given that most of us have a Netflix subscription because we all love to watch Singapore Social, I’d say that this has gone mainstream.

Negotiations are still going on between the producers and Chinese networks as to when the series will be broadcasted, so Netflix users get to see it first come 31 December.

There’s been one too many sequels and spin-off series that were nowhere as good as the original, which is usually hard to live up to, so let’s hope that Princess Zhaohua’s adventures will do her parents’ proud.

Brb, time to renew my Netflix membership despite the eventual 7% GST charge that’s coming soon.

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