A Netizen Allegedly Got his Uber Account Hacked And Was Billed Almost S$2,000 in a Day


Do you use Uber? Do your friends use your Uber? Do strangers from multiple different countries use your Uber?

Unfortunately, that has happened to a few netizens. Imagine opening your DBS credit care bill, and see 2,000 SGD worth of transactions through Uber. You’re going to remember if you’ve spent 2,000 bucks on taking Uber rides in multiple different countries, so it’s quite likely that had nothing to do with you.

Unless you somehow blacked out, teleported to New Zealand and Australia, then furiously took strangers’ cars, like a really boring Hangover film.

This poor guy opened this bill through his email.

Image: hardwarezone.com.sg

Those are transactions in Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. When the guy lives in Singapore.

How did DBS not notice that? Did they think it was really possible for a guy to take Uber in 4 countries on the same day while living in a 5th? As I understand it, should some unbelievable transactions occur, like an extreme amount suddenly spent in a different country, or just random amounts in multiple countries, there should be a red flag of some sort?

Unfortunately, there was nothing of the sort.

According to some forummers on HardwareZone, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated case, as others have reported receiving bills of 900 SGD with transactions through Uber when they hadn’t even used Uber before.

Granted, these have to be taken with a grain of salt, considering only the first dude provided a screenshot of his bill. However, the very fact that this occurred to one guy shows that it could happen to others as well.

So guys, the next time you take Uber, remember to check if you’re in the correct country!

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