Netizen Creates ‘@Sighzeriya’ On Instagram With Savage Reviews Of Saizeriya Restaurant


Last Updated on 2022-10-04 , 11:27 am

Lest you’re a CRA (Crazy Rich Asian), or halal, chances are… you probably visited Saizeriya at least once before.

The Japanese restaurant chain that serves a variety of Italian fusion food, Saizeriya possesses one single trait that appeals enormously to potential consumers:

Their value-for-money delicacies.

And should you for some unforgivable reason doubt my words, just check out their expansive menu:

Image: Saizereya

Sumptuous pasta at just $5.90?

Preposterous, simply preposterous.

And to really drive my point home, here’s a look at their lunch sets:

Image: Saizereya

Value-for-money? Definitely.

But Of Course, Nothing’s Perfect

And Saizeriya’s no different.

Despite boasting prices that would make any consumer squeal in pleasure, their food’s admittedly quite…


You know what; I’m just gonna let @Sighseriya do all the talking.

They’re essentially voicing out what everyone’s secretly thinking.

Meet @Sighseriya, The Instagram Review Account

Essentially an Instagram account dedicated to the Japanese restaurant chain, @Sighseriya promises one thing:

No-holds-barred reviews of the food.


And to really drive that notion home, their introduction reads as follows:

“If u think ur painfully mediocre, just remind urself that saizeriya exists
**DISCLAIMER** I am actually saizeriya’s biggest fan
💯 value for food”

Here, take a look at some of the more scathing reviews to have existed on this plane of reality:

Lest you haven’t gotten it, they’re honest in their reviews.


Like brutally honest.

“5/10 but could be at least an 8/10 if ur piss drunk and it’s 3 am”

Sounds like one of those chicks or dicks you meet in a club, honestly.

A review platform that takes three primary categories into account, Sighzeriya gauges each category with the most unbiased attitude, and casually rates them on a scale of 1-10.


And despite posting rather infrequently, the account has still managed to amass a total follower count of 7,826 (to date).

Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

But to be fair, some reviews do come off as golden.

Like this one, for example:


Though even then, the caption’s no less scathing. True @Sighseriya style, I guess.

Note: Two months ago, the account scrapped the three review categories in favour of a single paragraph that summarises how they feel about the dish in question.

If that isn’t giving up on the restaurant chain itself, I don’t know what is.

But hey, I think we’ve all known it for a while.


Nobody just wanna say anything, you know? Cos value for money. Which the account was insistent on repeating, every single post.

Cos it’s just that affordable.

Anyways, you can click on this link to access the Instagram account in question. And who knows; the next time you head to Saizeriya…

You’ll have a much better understanding of what to get, and what NOT to get. 

Featured Image: Saizereya, Instagram (sighzereya)