Netizen Implied That Durians Should Be Weighed Without The Husk & Got Flamed Instead

Image: Twitter

If you love durian, you’d know that the best durians are those which are weighed and worth their weight in gold.

But sometimes, you just wish that they’ll weight the bloody durian without the shell.

Because half of the weight of the durian is the husk, right?

Well, if you’ve ever harboured that opinion, better keep it to yourself or you might just end up like this dude.

Dude Implies On The Internet That Durian Should Be Weighed Without Husks

Twitter user, @XavierNaxa is on a mission to get durians weighed without the husks.

He took a durian and place it on a weighing scale. Then, he ate the durian and place the husk on the scale again.

Then he uploaded it onto Twitter with the caption: Let the pictures do the talking.

If you were to take a close look at the picture, you’ll see that before consumption, the durian weighs close to 4kg.

After consumption, it weighs 2kg.


Netizens’ Reactions

So there you are, thinking, man, this dude might be on to something.

But he got flamed instead.

Appreciate The Farmers

“You guys never appreciate farmers. If only you knew how expensive the labour, fertiliser, and maintenance is, I don’t think that you will complain about it.”

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“Premium things for a premium price because it’s hard to manage it. It’s not like you plant it today and you can directly sell it tomorrow.”

It’s Tough Taking Care Of A Durian Plantation

“My family has been taking care of a durian farm and I swear that I’m really amazed at how difficult it is to take care of. Don’t get me started with those fruits that fell because they were rotten, eaten by animals, and trees that are just starting to germinate. Do you think that there’s a lot of profit with this? And there are also fertilisers that need to be bought. Go and tell him to plant a durian. I want to see how far he can go with it.”

Here’s Why It’s So Expensive, Dude

And finally, it’s hard getting these durians out of the orchard.

So the next time you eat durian, remember all the effort that goes into it and, who knows, it might just make that fruit even sweeter (or even more bitter for the true durian lovers).

Speaking of which, durian season is ending soon so make sure to get your fix before it’s gone, yeah?