Netizen Posts Comprehensive Makan Guide To Jewel Cuz It’s Not Just A&W, Shake Shack or Burger & Lobster

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Jewel Changi Airport recently opened its much-polished doors to the public on 17 April 2019, and the whole of Singapore (plus the international audience) proceeded to go crazy over it.

“OMG IT’S OPEN, IT’S OPEN!” screamed one Chao Ni Ma. “A & W, YOU’RE MINE.”

“SHAKE SHACK, IF YOU WERE A WOMAN,” yelled another Chao Ah Ma. “I WOULD SHAKE YOU SO HARD MY **** ******* ******** ********!”

“Oh my God, I get to enjoy Burger & Lobster in a place as lush and posh as this?” Chao Ang Moh commented. “This is bliss.”

Yep, sounds about right.

But here’s the thing: what many people fail to realise, is that Jewel Changi Airport’s entire makan system isn’t just made up of the aforementioned three.

Chao Ni Ma: Wait, it’s not?

Yes. Rather, as this Netizen on Reddit so kindly shared…

It’s way more than that.

Chao Ni Ma, Chao Ah Ma: Ooooooo

Chao Ang Moh: Someone get the guy a Nobel Peace Prize!

The Most Comprehensive List of All Comprehensive Lists

Just yesterday (25 April), Reddit user u/weewaaweewaa published a categorised list of all 112 Jewel dining options on the Internet platform, citing an unwillingness for foreigners to be tricked as the reason behind the list.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

“Not sponsored. For the foodies who prefer unique experiences, better categorized. Made so foreigners don’t go reading ‘best Jewel Changi Airport food’ articles and think only fast food options like A&W, Shake Shack and Pink Fish are worth eating in Jewel Changi,” the user wrote.

Separating the dining options into personalised categories such as ‘For Foreigners – Actual Local Food’ and ‘For Singaporeans’, the list is tweaked in such a way that demographics will know which cuisines to try first upon their arrival at Jewel.

Also, it was drafted up with community-based reviews in mind.

“I try to use community-based reviews to support building this list. Within each category it’s arranged alphabetical order,” the user writes.

“Disclaimer: Again, not sponsored, but I am a food blogger/writer wanna-be. I wrote a few articles researching the origins of certain foods.”


After the thread was started, Netizens turned up in droves to review the list. And judging from the reception…

It seems that the list was very well-received.

Image: Reddit

The user, too, seems happy that his effort has paid off.


And honestly speaking;

I would like to thank you too because this list will definitely serve as my map the next time I hit Jewel up.

And so… new plans?

If you’ve been looking to frequent all the media-publicized places for a while now, only to frown every single time at the long queues, well, here it is:

There are loads of other places that you probably didn’t know about, all available for your consumption.

And so… if you’ve been planning a 2-hour stake-out session just for some shake shack burgers…

Why not check whether there’re other places on this list that might appeal even more to you? 😉

You Can Check The List In Full Below:

Henceforth, the list begins. While I would love to transcribe the whole list over here, it proved way too chunky for our writing platform to handle, and so here’s the link for your perusal.