Netizen’s Attempt To Highlight Kindness of Beatty Sec Schoolgirl With Old Lady Backfires

By now, it is of no surprise that Singaporeans, or the internet in general, always have something negative to say regarding any matter.

On the bright side, we are looking at both sides of the coin, right?

Unfortunately for a particular netizen, who wanted to spread a little kindness to everyone by sharing about the actions of a Beatty Secondary School girl, all he’d received was backlash for his actions.

What Happened

Like a calm before a storm, the STOMPer chanced upon a girl helping an old woman flatten cardboard boxes. Struck by the sight, he decided to record a video of her act before moving on to finish his dinner.

Can you spot his first mistake?

Source: Gifer

Upon realising that the girl was still helping the woman after thirty minutes, he shared that he went up to her and asked if she was volunteering or purely helping.

For one, I have never seen organisations or schools do volunteer work that involves folding cardboard boxes. Unsurprisingly, the girl remained mute, and her dad came looking for her shortly after.

Did you spot his second mistake?

Source: Giphy

Reprimanded For His Post

As it is probably brutally obvious by now, Raymond was berated by the community of readers (why are they reading Stomp?) and some keyboard warriors for several things.

He was given a harsh scolding for continuing to mind his own business and having a peaceful dinner instead of helping in the folding of cardboard.

Source: Stomp

Then, he was also brought before the arms of justice by self-proclaimed police for “stalking” an innocent girl by filming her.

Source: Stomp

And It’s Not Just About Him

It is not only Raymond that came under attack with this simple article. Singaporeans took this chance to dredge up the mistakes of the government once again, reprimanding them for the sufferings of the elderly.

Source: Stomp

There are even people who bring stereotypes into this issue, who think so far into a secondary school girl’s life that they begin speaking of her marriage.

Source: Stomp

By the way, I would like to very objectively point out that these qualities are not something only a “[good] wife” should possess, but any decent person.

As if discussing marriage is not weird enough, a single disturbing comment writes, “is she still available?”

Source: Giphy

But Some Good Still Exist 

Thankfully, some good still prevails in this disaster (which I feel compelled to remind, was merely about complimenting a helpful student).

Some people determinedly closed an eye to the agonies raised and focused on commending the Beatty student instead.

Other brave souls stood up to the grieved Singaporeans that harboured complaints about the government.

Source: Stomp

Of course, the government was still not completely let off the hook.

A silver lining is that among the flood of complaints (a signature Singaporean dish), nobody has yet found flaws in the Beatty girl, the old lady, or the father.

Source: Tenor

The internet is truly a scary place.



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