Netizens Slam Woman Who Demanded Explanation From Scoot For Oxygen Mask Deployed On Flight To Taipei

Demanding, impatient customers are the bane of every person whose job has ever required dealing with them.

I mean, just tell me about it.

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Or not.

But some customers just go too far with nitpicking problems…

Even if the service provider has you know, just literally saved their lives.

And although Singaporeans are well known for complaining about anything and everything, even they couldn’t stand for this one woman’s complaints.

The Story

On yesterday afternoon (24 March 2019), a Scoot airline deployed oxygen masks 30 minutes before the flight landed.

The Scoot airline, TR996, was on route from Singapore to Taipei when it started to experience abnormal cabin pressure during the descent.

The airline landed safely at the Taipei Taoyuan Airport at 1:15 p.m.

After the oxygen masks were deployed, the cabin crew immediately asked passengers to put them on.

A passenger reported that the pilot had announced that there were problems with the aircraft resulting in the dip in cabin pressure.

Now, that must be scary. I mean, how many times do you see these oxygen masks in your life?


Anyone hurt?

One woman reported that her infant vomited during the incident.

Beyond that, there were no other reported major injuries or discomforts.

There were a total of 180 passengers on the plane.

After the plane landed safely, the returning flight, TR997, which was originally scheduled to take off from Taipei at 2pm on Sunday, was grounded for investigations.

Instead, the replacement aircraft departed on Monday at 12:45 a.m.

Yeah, which means it’s not certain what caused the issue yet. We won’t want to rush into that, do we?


To apologise for the incident, Scoot gave out meal vouchers which were worth S$33 in total to those affected by the delayed flight.

Well, all I can say is that if it were me on that flight, I’d be REALLY grateful that I even got off that flight alive.

Indeed, almost all of the passengers on that flight agree with this sentiment.


Not this woman, though.

Just before 6:00 p.m. on the same day, 24 March 2019, a passenger on that flight posted a photo of the oxygen masks on the Scoot Facebook page.

Image: Facebook

Don’t know why she would still have the guts to take an image when she should be panicky instead, but anyways.

The Facebook post has since been taken down.

The woman who posted the photo demanded an explanation from Scoot about what happened as soon as possible.

She cited that although it was a terrifying experience for all passengers, Scoot airline had not provided any explanations or details.


The thing is, she’s actually complaining even though

  1. She nearly lost her life
  2. The airline did their best to ensure the passengers’ safety with oxygen masks and landed the plane safely despite problems, saving everyone’s lives including hers

Which has everyone going…

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The comments came in swiftly, as usual.

First of all, patience, please


Which makes sense: until Scoot is able to figure out the problem themselves, how can they give a clear explaination?

Other netizens, skeptical of her overreaction, suspected an alternate motive:

Is it because she’s Chinese?

It’s true, though. She might as well be direct if she’s actually trying to ask for more than just an explaination.

Scoot responded to the woman:

Image: Mothership

What now for Scoot?

This is not the first time Scoot has received complaints about its bad service and failings.


In fact, Scoot chief executive officer Lee Lik Hsin has recently admitted that Scoot has had several failings.

Scoot will be working to regain their customers’ trust and confidence with additional measures in case of future inconveniences.

As someone who regularly flies budget, I do hope they live up to their promise. #fingerscrossed

In the meantime, we are just grateful no one got seriously hurt.


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